Interview with Jax

Hello Blogfam and welcome. I’d like to introduce Jaxson Fuller. He goes by Jax. Is that right?

Jax: Yes.

Me: Very good. Jax is the male lead in the story and Maya’s potential love interest though I believe you don’t make an appearance in the story for quite a while, is that right, Jax?

Jax: Correct.

Me: Well, welcome to my blog. Thanks for being here.

Jax: *nods and gives a small smile*

Me: So, Jax. Tell us about yourself.

Jax: I hate when people say that. Can’t you just give me a question?

Me: Okay. Tell me about your life before Maya.

Jax: I was a First Lieutenant in the Army. I served three tours in the Middle East and about five(ish) years ago, my unit was attacked. I sustained an injury and had to rethink my career. It wasn’t fun.

Me: What sort of injury?

Jax: *points to his left leg* I was shot several times in the left leg. Banged me up pretty good. I was honorably discharged shortly after that. I spent a year in rehabilitation and I can walk on it now, but I am gimpy.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that.

Jax: *shrugs* Comes with the territory. After I finished rehab, I ran into a buddy of mine who works for the Secret Service. He pulled some strings and I was able to get a job.

Me: The Secret Service, eh? Sounds exciting.

Jax: It’s not really. But you do have to be super vigilant.

Me: I can imagine. Who was assigned to you. Would I have known that person?

Jax: Possibly. I would rather not say who I watched over.

Me: Of course. They don’t call it “Secret” service for no reason. *laughs*

Jax: *smiles – though clearly not as amused*

Me: How long have you been in the Secret Service?

Jax: It’s been nearly … three years now.

Me: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Jax: Definitely the people. I’m either watching someone who is totally paranoid about being attacked or someone who doesn’t take it seriously and takes all kinds of risks. It can be exhausting.

Me: Can you tell us about one of your more challenging clients?

Jax: *sits for a bit, then nods brusquely* Sure. It was about six months ago, actually. I was assigned to watch a Senator’s daughter and she took it upon herself to sneak out of her house and go to a party that none of us knew about and certainly didn’t approve she could go to. I spent nearly an hour looking for her before I had to swallow some pride and call in reinforcements. It took us nearly two hours to find her and by the time we did, she was very drunk and very loud.

Me: I take that to mean, she wasn’t happy to see you.

Jax: You could say that. Her father was also not very happy to see me.

Me: Did he punish you?

Jax: No. *he flexes his jaw in irritation* He campaigned to have me fired.

Me: But it wasn’t your fault!

Jax: Doesn’t matter. She was my responsibility and I lost track of her. If something had happened to her, I would have been prosecuted and likely charged with negligence.

Me: Wow. Why do you stay in the job if there is that much pressure?

Jax: Because I’m very good at my job. I had allowed myself to become distracted in that case. That will not happen again.

Me: What distracted you?

Jax: I’d rather not say.

Me: It was a woman, wasn’t it? Was it Maya?

Jax: *face flushes a light red*

Me: Are you married?

Jax: I was.

Me: What happened?

Jax: *sighs* We were bad for each other. We were polar opposites, which was great in some ways, it was never boring. *soft smile of remembrance* But after a while, the novelty wore off and we just got tired of trying, I suppose.

Me: Any children?

Jax: One. But she died from SARS when she was four months old. That was the beginning of the end of our relationship.

Me: *blinks – clears throat* I’m sorry.

Jax: …..

Me: So. Any love interest now?

Jax: *arches a brow* I think you know the answer to that one.

Me: *sly grin* Just seeing if you were still with me. How did you and Maya meet?

Jax: Her dad … talked me into being her bodyguard.

Me: You didn’t volunteer for the job?

Jax; Not exactly.

Me: Why would Maya need protection?

Jax: Unclear. Though her father is head of the Secret Service to the President and when you’re that close, you tend to make enemies.

Me: What is Maya like to guard?

Jax: She’s a pain in the ass.

Me: Really? I would have thought Dree would be the pain in the ass.

Jax: Dree is tough, but she’s street smart. Maya is clueless to what goes on in the world. Thank God her father had the foresight to make her take kickboxing.

Me: *chuckles* Forgive me. But after meeting Maya, … kickboxing? Really? It just doesn’t compute.

Jax: *shrugs* Yeah. She’s a bit of a princess and her form sucks, but she’s got determination, I’ll give her that. She will get better.

Me: What makes you so sure?

Jax: Because I’ll make sure she can defend herself. You never know what life will throw at you. You need to be prepared.

Me: Sounds like an army slogan. *chuckles*

Jax: Be all you can be.

Me: Now you’re making fun of me.

Jax: *smirks*

Me: Do your parents live here?

Jax: My dad is a Colonel in the Army. Mom is a typical Army wife, sponsors fundraisers and events to help boost the troops’ families. They are stationed in West Virginia right now.

Me: So fairly close. Do you ever get to see them?

Jax: Not as often as I would like.

Me: Any siblings?

Jax: I have a younger brother, Mark.

Me: And what does Mark do?

Jax: He’s special ops. I haven’t seen him in nearly … five years, I think.

Me: Your parents must be proud – both of you serving your country.

Jax: *frown* I guess.

Me: You don’t think so?

Jax: *rubs the scruff on his face absently* No comment.

Me: Well, that’s intriguing. So Jax ..

(*a loud pop sounds outside and causes Me to jump and squeal*)

Jax: Get down! *jumps out of his chair causing it crash to the floor and whips his Glock semi automatic pistol out of his waist band. He points is at the window.

Me: *screams and ducks, burying my head into my chest* What the hell?!

Jax: *eases over to the window, flattens against the wall and leans past the sill to have a look*

Me: *breathes uneasily*

Jax: *moves after long seconds* “Sorry. Looks like it was a car backfiring.

Me: It was probably my neighbor. He drives an old car and his muffler is shot. *winces when realizes choice of words* Craps out.

Jax: *resumes seat – casually sticks gun back into waistband*

Me: Not sure we agreed on firearms, Jax.

Jax: Sorry. I don’t leave home without it.

Me: *shaky laugh* I have to say, you have quick reflexes.

Jax: *shrugs* Slow reflexes will get you killed.

Me: Well… it certainly puts your job into perspective. I’m not sure I could do it.

Jax: I bet you’d be surprised by what you had to do if pushed.

Me: Maybe. *runs a hand through hair* I could use a drink. Maybe we should grab a drink afterward? *teasing chuckle*

Jax: *deadpans* I don’t drink.

Me: Oh? At all? Is this a religious thing?

Jax: No.

Me: *tilts head* Do you … sorry for getting so personal but this is an interview after all. Do you have a drinking problem?

Jax: I had a drinking problem.

Me: I see. *hesitates* I don’t suppose I could get more information on that?

Jax: Nope.

Me: Okay. Fair enough. *studies him a moment* How tall are you?

Jax: 6’1. Why?

Me: Just wondered. Are you a *gulps* a very good shot?

Jax: Very. I developed sniper skills while in the Army.

Me: *nervous chuckle* Sorry. I can’t get past the fact that you’re carrying a weapon.

Jax: Have you ever held a gun before?

Me: No. And I hope never to.

Jax: Guns are not bad, Karen. Just the people who misuse them.

Me: *smiles* We’re getting off track. And you’re not allowed to ask me any more questions. I’m interviewing you, remember?

Jax: *chuckles* Sure.

Me: How do you define happiness?

Jax: Happiness is a delusion.

Me: *lifts brows in surprise* Such a cynic.

Jax; *meets her gaze* I think people are too focused on finding happiness. Happiness is not a thing or a person, it’s in the mundane, the little things every day. Getting up in the morning, taking your first breath, that is happiness. I think people too often think everything has to be perfect in order to be happy.

Me: Wow. That’s a great way of putting that. I take it you’ve put some thought into this concept.

Jax: I have. When you have happiness, and then lose it, it forces you to rethink what you want and how you define happiness. It means different things to different people. There is not a universal answer to that question.

Me: I agree. What is the best thing in your life? I’m shooting you rapid fire questions here. See what I did there?

Jax: *smirks* Good one. Best thing in my life? My gun.

Me: *laughs – then realizes he’s being serious and stops* Okay. What is the worst thing in your life?

Jax: My bum leg.

Me: Looked like you got around okay to me when you jumped out of the chair.

Jax: Yeah well, it hurts like a bitch right now. *he rubs a hand down his left thigh*

Me: What is your go-to cure for a bad day?

Jax: It used to be alcohol. But obviously, that’s off the table now. *thinks* I love to target practice. It relaxes me but a bad day … ? *chuckles and looks embarrassed* This is going to sound corny.

Me: Go on …

Jax: I love going out to the lake on a warm night, laying on the hood of my car, looking at the stars and listening to jazz. It sort of puts things into perspective, I guess.

Me: I do believe you’re a romantic, Jax.

Jax: *chuckles* Pretty sure I haven’t been called that before. I’ve been called plenty of other things though.

Me: Do you have friends, Jax?

Jax; I do. Lots of friends. None of them are close, though.

Me: So. Lots of friends but none that are close?

Jax: Let me rephrase that, none that live close by.

Me: What is your favorite band?

Jax: Metallica.

Me: Old school, eh?

Jax: Yeah, this new stuff is shit. Give me the big hair bands of the 80’s – now that was decent music.

Me: What is your greatest fear?

Jax: Not being prepared. I don’t like surprises.

Me: That sounds familiar.

Jax: Oh?

Me: Yeah … who said that …. give me a minute. *taps on lips*

Jax: *checks his phone*

Me: *sees him checking his phone* We should probably end this. I appreciate your time, Jax.

Jax; Any time.

Me: Maya!

Jax: What? Where? *perks up and looks toward the door*

Me: You have it bad, don’t you. *laughs*

Jax: *turns a light shade of red*

Me: I meant, Maya is the one that said she doesn’t like surprises, either. She likes to be in control.

Jax; That makes two of us.

Me: I wonder how that will work – you two both like to be in control. Sounds like a lot of potential … tension there.

Jax: *grins* You’re the writer, make it spicy.

Me: Oh. I plan to. One last question: What are the top three things you value most in life?

Jax: 1. My gun. 2. My mom. and 3. My health. Not necessarily in that order.

Me: What can we expect from you in this story?

Jax: Hey, I thought we were done with the questions.

*knock at the door*

Me: Who … *goes to door, opens* What are you doing here?

Mystery person: You need to stop stalling and write the damn story already. We’re tired of waiting on you.

Me: Who is we? *moves to look past this person*

Mystery person: All of us. We’re ready to live our lives.

Me: *looks back at Jax who gives her a thumbs up* Well, alrighty then, I guess we better get started.