Bullet Journal

October Bullet Journal

Photo from Unsplash.com

I changed my bullet journal again and I’m really liking the changes.

The only things I care enough to document are: the weather, my steps/moods …

…. total hours of sleep and on the other page, I made a productivity “Bingo” chart. I know it’s not a full-sized Bingo card but let’s face it, I don’t assign myself things to do, I do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. But I thought I would make sure a few things are on the chart to motivate me to actually get it done this month. For instance, Preptober, journal, blog, walk, dinner with the boys, paint the house, mop the kitchen floor (because I H.A.T.E. to mop) and practice calligraphy. I went ahead and put in a calendar, too, just so I could keep track of my vacay days so when the day comes that I’m like, “geez! I haven’t had a vacation in MONTHS” I can look back and go, “Oh. I took one in October. Never mind.”

And my favorite spread:

My productivity tracker. I had a lot of fun with this last month and I fully intend to do it again this month. I changed things up a bit though. I took out the plan part of the tracker and put my key in instead. Because let’s face it, I don’t really plan my days, I just sort of do what I’m in the mood to do, so that part felt like wasted space to me.

Of course, the rest of the month will be devoted to actually journaling. I did pretty well last month. Any time something was on my mind or I needed to vent, I dragged that thing out and it was therapeutic.

I feel like I Have the spreads down to what I need and like so who knows if I’ll post any further bullet journal spreads other than the cover page in case you’re interested in snagging that for your own A5 journal.

All I know is, I am having so much fun with this bullet journal and I wish I had started this decades ago.