Are Republicans Finally Fighting Back?

I know a lot of people feel like the orange man currently running our country is bad, and though I intend to vote for him, I appreciate the fact that he is willing to be criticized and crucified by the media in order to get things done and make tough decisions. True, Trump is not the most eloquent speaker and he could use a large dose of diplomacy, however, I appreciate his toughness. He’s a New Yorker, so take what he says with a grain of salt. New Yorkers are brusque and sometimes rude in their presentation, but Trump is refreshing in the fact that he doesn’t play politics as usual. This, of course, drives the radical leftists and the media crazy because they are used to the right kowtowing to their thinly veiled hatred for all things constitution and how DARE someone backtalk them and/or display a backbone when they are criticizing Republicans and slashing the “antiquated” Bill of Rights.

I agree with D’Souza – the game has changed. Republicans can not approach politics the same way anymore. The rules have changed in that, there are no rules anymore. The left will spew and lie about anything and everything they can because they are desperate to regain the mindless control of the people like they had when Obama was in office. Now, people are starting to wake up and realize, the radical left is all smoke and mirrors. There is no substance to their “ideals or beliefs.” This is evidenced by the fact that NO ONE can tell you what they stand for, what policies they want to implement or how they would implement these phantom policies. And that’s primarily because they want a socialist country – they want to control everything and everyone but they haven’t quite figured out how to relay that agenda to the American people without coming right out and saying it. Which they can’t, because there are still enough red/white/blue Americans out there that DON’T want that for our country …. yet. So instead, they focus on pointing out how racist and evil Donald Trump is. The kicker is, they do it without providing evidence of these claims and people, being the sheeple they are, gobble it right up.

If the Republicans want to win and/or take/regain control, they have to fight back. I’m not saying stoop as low as the Democrats but they definitely have to stop allowing the left to walk all over them. They have to stand up and provide examples of the Left’s hypocrisy. Which shouldn’t be too hard to do as most leftists change their stances as often as they chance their underwear. Republicans must be the adults in the room. They must be strong, firm and calm and stop worrying about if they are perceived as “mean.” When you’re dealing with toddlers, SOMEONE has to be the adult in the situation.

Step up, Republicans. Take a lesson from Trump and fight back. He has been doing it for four years and that’s the reason the silent majority backs him, because he’s not afraid to stand up and fight for what’s right . It’s time to take the kid gloves off and give tit-for-tat.