Bullet Journal

May 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads

It’s May, guys.


I want an April redo, please. I feel like that month was nothing but fear and anxiety.

And Easter … where did that go?!

Anyway, here we are, in the month of May. And I’m still working on my Corona virus podcast because your girl has THINGS TO SAY. But I’m trying to keep it real while keeping it fair and I’ll be honest, it’s hard because all I really want to do is rant like a crazy person. *ahem* Anyway …

Here is my May bullet journal set up (or Bujo for the cool kids).

I’m doing the vision board thing. I’m picking out pictures from Unsplash that make me happy and putting a collage thingie together. (I send the files to Staples and have them print off the pages for me – it’s like ridiculously cheap doing it that way). This one sucks, but remember, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body so cut me some slack. I learned I don’t care for cutting around the pictures and haven’t done that since. Next month’s vision board page is better … but not much.

Anyway – I picked the proverbial May flowers theme because I have to get the cheesy themes out of the way first before I get artsy-fartsy. (Don’t hold your breath on it getting better, though). But then, as you will soon see, it actually turned into a sunflowers theme because IT’S EASIER – GET OFF ME.

I like flowers, I just don’t want flowers. Why? Because they’re freaking expensive and last for a week – I can think of 999,999 more things to spend my money on, thank you very much.

But I like looking at them – just don’t buy them.

Here’s my brain dump and step tracker. I think these pages turned out cute-ish.

It was my first time using the white gel pen and … meh, not a fan. I have to go over it about ten times for it to show up and then it looks like a child wrote it. Who am I kidding, that’s actually my handwriting.

I love these types of pages. I’m thinking of expanding the brain dump into a monthly thoughts page, maybe two pages, next Bujo because again, I’m using the Bujo more as a journal as opposed to a planner. Cause I’m boring and never have much scheduled.

I’m also going to start a sleep tracker next Bujo, too. I really don’t care much for the overall habit trackers that everyone else does – just mood, step and sleep is all I care about. I have to say, it’s fun coloring in the step trackers every month and it really does motivate me to walk more. (If I have more “not enough” categories than 10K categories? Oh hell no).

My calendar page. See that mason jar of flowers stamp? LOVE. I freaking love stamps, but not a fan of letter stamps. Wait until you see September’s spread – I used stamp letters and it really does look like a kindergarten project. I’ll get better … maybe.

I have mixed feelings on calendar pages. Again, I don’t really use them because I’m boring as hell and never really have anything to write in them so they feel sort of a waste. I’m toying with the idea of making full page calendar artsy spreads in my next Bujo and just making a small monthly calendar but the thought of planning a full artsy spread triggers my productive gene and …meh. We’ll see. I actually had a few things to add to the calendar this month – look at me – I’M BUSY – so that’s satisfying. I got the sunflower stickers from Hobby Lobby which was a nice touch, in my opinion.

The yellow highlighted days are days off – I’m taking one long-ass weekend off around Memorial day – can’t wait! We don’t have any plans and I’m cool with that – days off mean I’m not at work so WINNER.

Weekly spreads are still the same – I like this layout. It givers me room to write some thoughts from each day. The little squares on the left are to track weather. I think in future weeklies, I’m going to skip the “important” section at the bottom and make a seven-day weather and fasting tracker. Hey! I have a few more tracker ideas. I lied.

(And can we all just stare at the awesome watering can stencil? Cause I am …)

I have mixed feelings on these question pages. I type up a question/answer private message to be read by whomever is reading my Bujo, (after I’m dead, of course) and putting that piece of paper in the envelope and gluing it to my journal. It makes it bulky and that sort of bugs me, but I’m going to continue doing it for this year, at least. I’m not anything if not consistent … actually, I’m not consistent, evidenced by the spotty posts on this blog, but you know what I mean! Again, LOVE this stamp. I wish I had put more ink on it.

And lastly, a page for the many, many, MANY blog post ideas I have but never get around to writing/posting because I’m lazy. I tried to use that cute stamp again but I didn’t put enough ink on it and it was spotty and looked like crap so I stuck on some sunflowers to cover it up. Bask in my creativity, people.

The next page is dedicated to our 30th wedding anniversary which is May 26th. I haven’t colored it yet – I’m savoring it (nope, lazy again), and I’m leaving a spot open for a picture of me and Kevin. which I can now confidently take on my new phone! Yep, I finally caved and bought a new phone. I traded in my old as hills Samsung 5 for a Samsung A51. I like the phone so far, I haven’t even had it for a week (a Mother’s Day gift to myself) and I’m still waiting on my phone cases I ordered (which I wish would hurry up because this sucker is SLIPPERY – I’m going to drop it), but so far, so good. It has a pretty freaking awesome camera on it which I’m most excited about because my old phone had a crappy camera.

But I digress.

I’m currently working on my November spread. Yep – I’m that far ahead. And I’m already thinking about my January 2021 spread. I’ll probably stop working on this Bujo after I finish my December spread though because now that I’ve written my yearly goals in my Bujo and have only done two of about 15, I’m feeling the pressure to get some more stuff done. I want some check marks, yo!

Here are some bullet journal videos I’ve been watching lately:

I really enjoy Planning with Kay’s videos. She has a shop where she sells her cute stickers and I REALLY enjoyed her book spreads. I will likely buy these stickers from her at some point because OF COURSE, I have to make book spreads. Duh.

Also, I’m totally doing this Productivity Board Spread next year. DAMN IT, another tracker! (I would do this tracker sooner but I already have my 2020 Bujo planned out for the rest of the year and I’m out of pages so … )

But is this not the cutest idea?? And I’m guessing I’m a visual person judging by my motivation to do more walking when I see my step trackers and I’m thinking this would motivate me to be more productive, overall. Hey, it couldn’t hurt!

AND – I bought this cute reading tracker stencil from Erin Floto Designs that I will be using instead of my reading bookshelf next Bujo. The bookshelf is cute but I need more room to write the names of my books and this stencil will give me plenty of room to do that.


And lastly, I really enjoyed this May plan with me video – I’m totally doing these mason jars though mine won’t look at cute as hers.

Happy journeling, everyone!