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It’s just scary to think how quickly people can be duped into giving up their (and unfortunately, OUR) rights. The government always starts with some BS narrative. “It’s for the children” (gun control) “It’s to stop the terrorists” (TSA molestation) “It’s a humanitarian crisis” (illegal invasion) “It’s to stop the welfare leeches” (sterilization).

Yeah, right. If they really wanted to make people personally accountable, they’d stop welfare. It’s really that simple. That’s not what they want though. They love taking our money and buying votes. They want more of our liberties.

That is so obviously apparent, that I can’t understand how people don’t see it. There’s some bizarre sentiment of loyalty towards politicians/party to the point where people allow themselves (and even their children, elderly) to be abused and look the other way.

Welfare needs to end, on all levels. Whether it’s foreign aid, “bailouts,” or food stamps. It creates a dependent class of people who have absolutely no idea that there is a better way–competency.

I completely agree. It’s no coincidence that once America got in the welfare business (like you said, on all levels, foreign aid, bailouts, food stamps, etc.), our greatness started to wane.

A few of the comments from the above article.

I have to agree. Though it's a good idea to sterilize losers like this guy (dude – ever heard of CONDOMS?? Ladies, ever heard of COMMON SENSE??), it's a dangerous road to travel. That's why America is in the shape she's in today – the government has chipped away too many of our freedoms.