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Real-Life Readers are Not Welcome

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

do-not-read Mine is not so much one person, but a group of people – the people I work with.

I wish my family didn’t read my blog, simply because my “honesty” can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but for the most part, I’m okay if they read it.

I would be absolutely horrified if the people I work with found my blog.

And it wouldn’t be because I really say anything bad about them, (though I would be scum on the sole of someone’s shoe if a certain person watched a certain video I posted – and by the way, I wasn’t sure if I should have posted that, I’m still not sure, but I honestly wanted to remember this young lady because her … personality quirks are quite interesting and I will likely base a character on her someday – see? I posted that video for purely selfish reasons – are you really surprised??), but because even though I come across as an “honest” person to the people I work with, I like to keep a lot of my personal life … well, private.

Hence the reason I absolutely will not friend someone I work with on Facebook. I only limit the people I KNOW to friend me on Facebook. And though I have come to KNOW the people I work with, it just becomes …. awkward to work with people who know too much about you. That’s why I hesitate to hang out with people I work with after work. What if we have a disagreement? We can’t get away from each other – I see the people I work with more than my family. And then work relations are tense and it becomes harder to do the job …

No. I prefer to keep my working relationships and my personal relationships completely separate – it’s just easier on everyone that way.

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