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A Sweet Delivery

Kevin got a package today … and it wasn’t something he ordered.

And when he opened it?

It was a basket full of Godiva chocolates.

Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

Someone loves us.

A lot.

I’m pretty sure they came from his old boss.

I shall kiss that man’s feet the next time I see him.


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Red & White Christmas


We put our tree up yesterday. It’s beautiful. We went with red and white lights this year. I also put up red bead garland.

It looks sort of like a candy cane.

It also looks old fashion and classy.

The boys were eager to decorate it. We love putting up our decorations because each one tells a story.

Believe it or not, my Christmas shopping is nearly done. I took advantage of online deals. This Christmas will be different for the boys. They are only getting a few gifts, but the gifts are awesome.

I wish Christmas was all year long.


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