Hellloooo Out There ….!


Are you there?

Are you alive?

I’m alive, still breathing. Still healthy. Still working at the same place.

Nothing dramatic has happened. No tragedy.

I just dropped off the face of the blog-o-sphere because I was BURNED OUT. I’ve been blogging for eight years now and I needed a break. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, (please, have you met me??), but that I simply didn’t have the mental energy to THINK anymore after I got off work.

I didn’t have a bread crumb to spare you folks. (Remember the “I don’t have a square to spare” line from Jerry Seinfeld? One of my favorites …)

Anyhoo – I’m back, feeling refreshed and ready to regurgitate my life onto your lap, how’s that for an attractive visual?

(Watch out! Honest blogger falling …)

I have so much to catch up on. Jazz graduated from high school, Kevin and I went to Colorado for a few days … okay, maybe those are the only two things that have really happened to us in the past four months.

I’m boring. Sue me.

So it’s time to catch up. I’m really going to try and vlog more. Just because it’s fun to watch past videos and laugh at my dorkiness.

Thanks to those that stuck around and welcome to any newcomers. Let’s trudge through life together, shall we?

Talk at ya later.