Friday Fun

Family Fun: To Your Heart’s Content

So I haven’t posted any crafting posts lately, and they seem to be popular, judging by my stats (not that I keep track of my stats but they are fun to look at once in a while).

Please note – I’m simply sharing the crafts that have caught my eye and ones I would totally do if I were one: not lazy and two: had small children again. Since I AM lazy and I DON’T have small children anymore, all I can do is browse through the various crafts and share the ones I like the most with you.

Just because I don’t actually DO these crafts doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the creativity, right?

At any rate, please enjoy. And you can find so much more at

Merida’s Celtic Heart Necklace


Merida’s three suitors never stood a chance at winning her affection with their pitiful archery skills. But, had any of them presented the feisty Scottish princess with one of these lovely heart-shaped pendants, there’s no telling where the story may have led.

What you’ll need
40-inch length of colored beading cord
Pair of crimp-style end clasp clips and O-rings
Necklace clasp

Heart-Felt Fairy Pouch


Right before Tinkerbell accompanies the other fairies to the mainland, Terrance hands her a little pouch filled with magic Pixie Dust to tide her over while she’s gone. Decorated with stick-on felt hearts, one of these enchanting pouches makes a sweet gift for your child to give to a special friend — it’s the perfect size for packing valentine candies and trinkets.

What you’ll need
Heart-felt Fairy Pouch template
Low-temperature glue gun
Small sticky-back felt hearts (sold in craft stores) or small hearts cut from regular felt
Small adhesive-back Velcro fastener

Sweetheart Songbirds


This Valentine’s Day, your little princess can serenade her valentine with a sweet songbird made of paper hearts.

What you’ll need
Sweetheart Songbirds template
Scrapbook paper
Glue stick or glue dots
Jeweler’s wire or thin craft wire (flexible enough to bend without pliers)
Googly eyes
Colored pencils and/or glitter glue (optional)

Treat Transmitters


Personal robots may do our bidding in the future. But these adorable little inventions are already on the job, programmed to transmit Valentine’s Day messages.

What you’ll need
Card stock
Double-sided tape
Aluminum foil

All Aquiver


These arrows from Cupid’s quiver may not have any supernatural effects, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to share.

What you’ll need
pretzel sticks
heart-shaped gumdrops
cellophane bags
card stock

Caped Cute-sader


Your kid will be a hero when he hands out these supertreats.

What you’ll need
card stock
hole punch
glue stick
black marker