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Those are the words I think of when I read the word “subscribe.”

“Subscribe to our newspaper so that we may bombard you with biased information.”

“Subscribe to our newsletter so that we may persuade you to believe what we believe.”

“Subscribe to my blog so that I can sneak in a sponsored post every now and again and make a few dollars.”

“Subscribe to my website so that I can trick you into thinking you’re part of an elite group.”

I realize I sound jaded – that’s because I am jaded. I’m also a realist. This world continues to disappoint me and you only have to open your eyes and pay attention to what people are doing, what they’re talking about, or what they value most, to see what I mean.

Values? What are those?

Morals? Old-fashioned thinking.

God? Belongs to Jesus freaks and doesn’t exist – just look at the state of my life, how can an entity that touts love allow me to live like this?

(Because God can’t help those that can’t/won’t help themselves. Ever think about that?)

Too many people subscribe to the influences surrounding them. Too many people do not take the time (or have simply never been taught to think for themselves – which opens up a whole different can of worms), to question what is being spoon fed them. Does it make sense? What’s the source? Is it biased information? What’s the flip-side to that story – because there are always two sides to a given story.


I get so tired of people subscribing to one train of thought, or belief. No one is 100% right – ever. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I like to think I’m smart enough to pause and consider all angles before coming to my own conclusion.

Many people do not do that. They are simply content to listen/watch/read what is being presented to them and BAM – it must be true. Every last biased morsel.

I wish I had faith in people – I wish I could say, with even a small percentage of confidence, that people can change, that things will get better. But honestly, I think we’re past that point of no return.

We have more takers than givers. That was proven with the re-election of the biggest socialist president in history.

Little by little, inch by inch, drop by drop, governments both in America and in Europe began taking more and more from people, diminishing the incentive of those on both sides of the transaction — the taker and the giver. In America, nearly half of wage earners pay not one single dime in federal income taxes. Many of them trudge down to the local polling place or vote via absentee ballot — and vote themselves a raise.

So no. I don’t subscribe to just anything, or anyone. I’m independent, out spoken, and stubborn enough to dig my heels in and fight every last attempt to conform me to anything.

Are you?

(Well. That was a rather heavy post. Sorry about that. I guess I’m more disillusioned than I thought).

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Sunday Story Challenge #2

It’s Story Cube time!

I throw down some dice and you write a short story (minimum 500 / maximum 1000 words) using a combination of the dice below.


THE CHALLENGE: The story must contain the line: “My life is an open book”. A supporting character bombards the main character with uncomfortable questions. The main character is an optimist and he/she likes to take chances in life.

Or …

Interpret the dice on your terms – I’m just offering a jumping off point. 🙂








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