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Audio Teaching: New Life in Christ: Foundations for Powerful Christian Living: Session Two

This class covers all the topics necessary to give a beginning student the tools needed to understand and apply biblical truth in everyday life. The class is a family collaboration of John Schoenheit and his sister, Sue Carlson. The blend of their two voices, manners, and teaching styles is an extremely logical and winning presentation that you can give to your friends and acquaintances who want to know why you are so jazzed about life and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This class is available online for free or for purchase on cassette tape or CD through the Truth or Tradition online store.

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YOU Are the Only Person Who Can Make Your Life Better – Yes, YOU


So here’s a New Year’s Resolution suggestion – take control of your life. Move past your past, your regrets, your bad choices, and DO something about it. If you want a better life, then MAKE it happen. Take that first step. Clean house, both literally and figuratively. Get rid of distractions and bad influences, surround yourself with positive people and wholesome examples.

It won’t be easy. But anything in life worth having is not easily attainable.

And it’ll be worth it – so, SO worth it.

You’ll be happier. Those closest to you will be happier. You will feel strong and independent because YOU took charge of YOUR life.

Take control of your life. It’s time to stop spinning out of control.

It’s time to get off the carousel.

You know who you are.