Photo Story Friday

Our Award Winning Son



Jazz with his medal he earned with the band at the 2012 Renegade Review in Tulsa this past October.

The weather was awful that day – cold and rainy. Luckily, our kids were able to perform without getting rained on – there were two bands, when we were there, that weren’t so lucky. I felt so sorry for them.

We got through prelims, went out to dinner, and checked Twitter to see if the band director had posted the times our kids would be performing in finals.

They wouldn’t be performing – finals had been canceled because a wicked storm was coming in. (A storm that we drove three hours back home in – my fingers were sore from gripping the steering wheel so hard).

So … the kids didn’t get to perform. And they were all really disappointed. However, the officials tallied up the scores and our kids came in second overall. Jazz came home from school one day and proudly showed us his medal.

This medal made all of his hard work totally worth it.

And I was thrilled that the kids actually had something they could keep and remember the experience by.