How Can You Compete With Santa Claus?

Our party lost because 51% wanted Obama to protect their free stuff, or others’ free stuff, or their union or government jobs. And a surge of black, latino, and young voters that put Obama over the top indicates most likely that they feared Romney would cut their Food stamps and free health care. If you are implying that Romney lost because he lies, I would argue the opposite: Obama won because he lies all the time.

Obama is a poor example to all those young people looking for a role model. He is a profligate liar and a poor manager of money. And that is what young people are now idolizing and emulating. Whether or not Obama has eliminated work requirements is inconsequential. What he will likely do is continue another 4 years of unchecked unemployment compensation, food stamps, welfare, and health care. This is like a drug to those who wish to take advantage and avoid working. The net effect is the same. Seeing as we may never get another Republican President we can probably expect these freebies to continue unchecked for decades, or until we are completely broke. That’s the Democrat plan.

Everybody’s happy as long as they’re getting theirs, or until there is nothing left. It’s a far cry from constitutional liberty and pursuit of happiness. It’s called SOCIALISM.

Wednesday was a crap-tastic day. Truly, TRULY, depressing. In fact, the mood was pretty somber at work, both with co-workers and patients. And I had zero patience with people. Especially with the rude, demanding a-holes who insisted that they weren’t being scheduled soon enough or that their tests weren’t being performed fast enough and then threw A FIT when they had to pay their $.50 co-pay.


That’s sick and twisted, right there.

I’m pissed off because my GOD people, what is wrong with you. There were 3 million LESS conservatives that voted this go-around than during the 2008 election. Why. Why?? When we needed you MORE during this election? If those people had voted, Romney would have won.

Cowardly big mouths who didn’t have the balls to be inconvenienced and vote our country back onto the right track.

And now? F*ck it. It’s only our future.

And just think, I’m not even 1/8th as upset as I was yesterday.

I am absolutely disgusted with … nearly everyone, if you want the truth. We have now reached a point where the majority of people are OKAY with living in a socialist nation. The majority of people do not mind giving up their freedoms and having the government telling them how to live their lives, what to eat and drink, what cars to drive, how much gas to burn, what light bulbs to use, what foods we feed our children, how much money we’re ALLOWED to make … it never ends.

It used to infuriate people whenever the government overstepped its bounds and now? It’s common place. People don’t even blink an eye.

And that scares the sh*t out of me, quite frankly.

And the Republicans? Need to straighten up and get their act together. Because the Republican establishment, on purpose or out of stupidity, are strangling the conservative cause. They have GOT to get the message out and stop going on the defensive. They seriously spend most of their time defending themselves than they do trying to make people wake up and see that being conservative means being successful individuals, not a collective failure like the Dems’ message.

The American people aren’t interested in working hard or getting ahead in life. All the American people are in interested in is free stuff. All they want is for someone to take care of them.

Screw capitalism.

We’re here. Now. On the brink of socialism.

What happens when the money runs out? What happens when there isn’t free stuff anymore?

One word. Greece.

(And in case you haven’t been paying attention [which seems to be the norm any more]; Greece is a socialist nation. And guess what? The money has run out. And now? The entire country is rioting because their free stuff was taken away from them. Now? They’re busy destroying themselves. Fun stuff).

Ho. Ho. Ho, Suckers.

Welcome to Socialist America.