Eight Emotions I Experienced the Day After the Election

Okay. So now that I have had time to process what the heck happened November 6th – here is a run down of emotions I went through the day AFTER the election:

Dread: I didn’t watch the election results. Actually, yes I did – in the beginning. But the yo-yo reporting by this so-called media of ours drove me nuts. One station – Obama was way ahead. Another station, Romney was way ahead. The next station, they were neck and neck. And the pundits that I USED to trust (I’m looking at you Dick Morris), was telling me, “No problem. Romney will win this by a landslide.” I couldn’t take it – my heart was hurting from pounding so hard. This was AN IMPORTANT election and the outcome meant too much to me to be jerked around every five minutes. I turned everything off and went to bed.

But I dreaded what I’d find the next morning.

Incredulity: Even though I was nervous about the outcome, I knew, I KNEW, in my heart of hearts, that Romney would win. How could he not? Our country is in a mess. And surely, SURELY, people recognized this and would do the right thing. I thought to myself. I had faith in the people.

So when I turned my computer on the next morning before getting ready for work and saw that Obama had won, I was absolutely stunned. I checked several sources just to make sure I wasn’t reading something wrong.

Obama-Claus won.

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!? I was incredulous. I think I walked around in a shocked daze for most of the day. I simply could not believe that the majority of people would willingly vote for another four years of more spending, of higher taxes, OF OBAMACARE. It simply boggled my mind.

How could people be so incredibly stupid, and naive, at the same time??

Anger: It went beyond anger – I was LIVID. Like, I can’t-even-form-a-coherent-sentence livid. It was really hard, really hard, to act like nothing was amiss at work – to keep smiling and acting friendly when all I wanted to do was rant, rave and debate anyone who dared to admit they voted the socialist back into office.

Most patients never brought up the election, but a few patients dared to go down that road, but fortunately for me (for them?), they happened to vote the same way I did, so we swapped notes and offered condolences and words of encouragement, but I knew, deep down, we wouldn’t see any sort of light at the end of the tunnel for quite some time.

It will take YEARS, maybe even DECADES, to undo the Obamanation this man has caused, and will cause. I hate to sound all doom and gloom here, but we have to be realistic at some point, people.

We will never achieve a Utopian-style nation – IT’S. JUST. NOT. REALISTIC.

At least, not until Christ comes back to save us from ourselves, that is.

Disgust: Then, THEN, I found out that three million LESS conservatives voted this go-around than the last presidential election.

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me.

I was angry, but even more disgusted. Yes. I understood that people were disillusioned and disappointed that Romney was our only option, and yes, I understood that if we wanted to be completely honest, he was really only a watered-down version of Obama, but the bottom line? HE WASN’T OBAMA. He wasn’t AS extreme and we could use his wishy-washiness against him and at least slow down this “forward” momentum.

But to NOT vote???? To not even bother showing up and exercising your RIGHT to voice your opinion?? I’m truly baffled.

And disgusted. Because you can’t just WANT change, you have to actively PURSUE change. And that all begins with a vote. If you don’t vote, then how can you possibly hope for anything different?

I’m telling you one thing – if you didn’t vote this last election, and WHEN things get worse, I don’t even want to hear it. You did nothing, now sit there and swallow your inability to act.

Bitterness: And yes, that last sentence was meant to sound b*tchy, because I’m bitter and disillusioned.

I think I’m more bitter toward the Republican party right now. Because honestly? They’re a bunch of idiots. I don’t understand why the Republican Establishment cuts off their nose to spite their face. Every time our party sticks to its guns and stays conservative on issues, people respond with enthusiasm. It’s when the Republican Establishment sticks it’s big nose into things and “waters” down the message all in the name of trying to win moderate votes that the message starts to get murky and people lose enthusiasm.

And what I don’t get is that this happens time and time again. Why doesn’t the Republican Establishment wake the hell up and see what’s right in front of their faces??

People want conservative values. They want a leader who is strong enough to uphold those values and who will not get into office and then buckle under same, or opposing party, views.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with the liberals – the Republican Establishment is a bunch of good ‘ole boys making back room deals. It’s all about who’s next in line to run for the president and less about who the best candidate might be – because trust me, that method doesn’t work (*ahem* John McCain and Mitt Romney).

And I hate to bring this up, and please understand I do not agree with this opinion, but I honestly think Romney being a Mormon had a lot to do with him losing and people not voting. Regardless of what the “media” jams down our throats, our country is still predominantly Christian and though I understand Mormonism (but don’t agree with it, mind you), I know Romney wouldn’t have tried to snub out Christianity like Obama is trying to do now – it still would have been better than keeping Obama-wreck in office another four years.

If this election did nothing else, it certainly made Libertarian a lot more attractive in my eyes.

Sadness: Know what’s sad? Fifty-one percent of the population are OKAY with socialism. More people are now takers than givers and though Libs refuse to face reality, news flash – we can not sustain that mentality. We just can’t. The money has to come from somewhere. We simply can’t print money and hope everything turns out okay. It doesn’t work that way.

China owns nearly half of the United States. Let’s hope they don’t want to cash in because we’ll be in real more trouble.

Resignation: And now? Here we are. The deed has been done. Obamacare will go into effect, our taxes will go up (probably after this coming January 1st), our debt will increase, China will loan us more money, thereby owning more of our country, more people will go on government programs, not really because they NEED to, but because the government is now actively enticing people to become dependent, our country is doomed to go downhill for the next several years – what’s done is done.

There are no more threats of going off the fiscal cliff, the socialist country threat is no longer effective because WE ARE AT THAT POINT.

Now the real question is: how long will we stay here before people wake the hell up and do something about it?

OR …

Are people awake now and JUST DON’T CARE.

Determined: I’m more determined than ever to fight this growing trend. I’ll be one of those that refuses to get the 666 stamped onto my forehead. I will fight socialism with every last breath in my body.

Why do you think I got a job in healthcare?? Because I saw this coming. Because I wanted to make sure that I was in an industry where my family would have their healthcare needs covered. Because I didn’t want to take a chance on losing my healthcare coverage with another employer. And it will happen folks, Because even though you may still have healthcare through your employer, it will now, necessarily because it HAS to be paid for in some way, will go up. And if (when??) you choose to leave your employer’s healthcare plan and opt for a cheaper, government version (which HAS BEEN the goal since day one), you’ll be solely dependent on the government and whoever is in charge of your particular case – I hope they’re feeling charitable.

And I say this with authority – more and more doctors are refusing to accept government plans. Why? Because they don’t pay squat. And if you think that’s cruel, let’s turn it around a bit – would YOU work in a high-stress, high-liability industry for FREE???

Enjoy your decision, America. I hope you can live with the results.