What Kind of America Are We Leaving For Our Children?

Helping the children – that’s always a big selling point whenever politicians want to pass something, right?

(Like this cigarette tax – which really, how does this help? When are we going to learn that throwing money at our schools, willy-nilly, is never going to fix our problem? The only way to fix our schools is to restructure and reform them, period. Our problem is with the way our children are taught, incompetent teachers and how they’re taught. Let’s fix that problem first. Then let’s take a HARD look at what we’re spending money on, reallocate funds, if necessary and then, ONLY THEN, if we need to pour more money into the coffers, should we take a HARD LOOK at raising more money. We can’t go on tightening screws or replacing bolts – the entire engine needs to be rebuilt. Also? Studies show that most smokers are low-income folks. So … we’re taxing the poor to help the kids, right? Only, the legislators have a legal right to reallocate the funds once they’ve been approved. So who knows where that money will REALLY go. NO. There’s a better solution, people.)

So. Okay. Let’s help our children. LET’S REALLY HELP OUR CHILDREN AND FIX THE FIASCO THAT HAS BEEN THESE PAST FOUR YEARS. Or even these past six or eight years.

Stop whining folks. It’s time to tighten our belts and make some serious changes. Let’s show these politicians that we won’t be pushed around anymore – grow a backbone and stand UP.

Vote Obama OUT of office.

And Missouri folks? Know what you’re voting on tomorrow. Listen to the podcast below – Dr. Lily does a really good job of explaining what’s on the ballot.

Missouri sample ballot