So Much to Talk About … So Little Energy

Holy cow you guys. These past three weeks have been a WHIRLWIND of activity and has required WAY MORE energy than I’m capable of.

I have so much to talk about: the band competitions and our cruise down the Pacific coast … but OMG, by the time I get home, sit down and prepare to write, my brain just goes black and I can’t keep my eyes open.

So here are some bite-sized morsels of my life to chew on … nothing worth an entire blog post, but things I’m dealing with right now …

An email was sent out at work today – my boss’s husband was just diagnosed with stage four cancer. He went in to take care of what he thought was a sinus infection and some vision problems only to walk out with a death sentence – he has tumors all over his internal organs, including his brain. The cancer is bad and it’s spreading. The kicker? He hasn’t had any symptoms! He was/is feeling fine!

My boss just found out last week and we were all wondering why she would suddenly leave, take long lunches, come in late … honestly? If that were me? I wouldn’t even go to work. I’d take a leave of absence and spend every waking moment with my loved one. In fact, I know the other supervisors are trying to talk her into doing that very thing.

Can you imagine?


Her husband is her best friend. I can’t even fathom the pain she’s in right now. She’s definitely in my prayers.

Poor woman.

The time is now. I can’t put off getting the flu shot any longer. I have until November 9th to get it or … or … or I don’t know what. I guess they will fire me. I haven’t started receiving the threatening emails/notices yet, but I’m sure they’re coming.

I haven’t heard anything from the place I interviewed with a week ago. Honestly, I’m expecting to get a rejection letter in the mail any time. I suppose I could take this no news as good news, but honestly? I did such a piss-poor job at the interview … I just can’t see myself being hired on there.

But who knows. Stranger things have happened.

My boss asked me if I wanted to work the Harrison clinic this past Friday. The regular gal couldn’t do it. I felt so bad, but I had already asked off for that day so we could go to St. Louis (more on that trip later), so I had to turn her down. That left one of the gals I regularly work. She HATES outlying clinics and she’s always the last person they ask, but they didn’t have a choice this time – there was no one else to do it.

So. She went. And when I asked her how it went, she said pretty smoothly. I was relieved because this particular doctor can, erhm, be a challenge to get along with sometime, but it sounded like he was in a good mood and all went well. This gal already takes care of three doctors and I knew she was stressed out having to schedule the clinic patients, so I offered to take some patients off her hands.

No big deal. We’re all a team and that’s what teams do – they help each other out.

The next thing I know, my boss and my co-worker are standing behind me and they present me with some hospital bucks, which are sort of hard to come by and are given out as a thank you to deserving workers (I’m a deserving worker, ya’ll!). She had nominated me to our boss as a thank you for helping her out. I was so touched! And a little troubled because she said that was the first time anyone had offered to help her with outlying clinics.

Really? Really? How sad is that?? And it was really no big deal – I couldn’t have spent more than thirty minutes helping her. How sad is it that people are reluctant to help each other out now and again?

And my co-worker had tears in her eyes when she thanked me. I was sort of speechless, quite honestly.

And now I’m more determined than ever to volunteer more because wow … it takes so little to bring such joy to someone’s life.

One of my doctor’s hired a new nurse. And she started this week. When I met her I flat out told her that I was awesome and she was going to love working with me. hahaha!

I don’t have an over-inflated opinion of myself.

Not at all.

Eighties tomorrow – mid-70’s Wednesday/Thursday and then high of 44 degrees on Friday.


Hello sinus problems, meet Aleve.

Dude is old enough to vote this year. And he’s registered and ready to go.

“Hey Dude,” we asked, “who are ya gonna vote for?”

“The Libertarian on the ticket.”


I’m sure he’s just telling us that to get under our skin.

SURELY he’ll make the RIGHT choice (see what I did there??)

Heh. Stinker.

One of Dude’s oldest friends came over the other night. The boy just turned 21 and he’s already had about three jobs, dropped out of school, has toured with a band all over the country, moved out, got engaged, broke off the engagement, has had his scooter stolen, raced his car in a street drag race, became estranged from his mom, made up with his mom, is about a few thousand dollars in debt (thanks to his ex-fiance) and is now going back to college this next spring to try and get his life back on track.

And Dude? Rarely leaves his room.


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t wish some of this friend’s experiences on Dude for the world, but OMG, I’m so ready for the kid to start his life.

Any life. A life away from us and away from home.

Please. Please. Vote Obama out of office so this crappy economy will get better and businesses (I.E. the RICH people *snort*) will start hiring young people again.

For the love of God people, I’m begging you.

I think my hair has stopped growing. Suddenly, I want it longer, and softer.

The fact that it hasn’t really grown out that much tells me that I got it cut WAY too short this last time.

I’m never happy. I realize this.