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I Feel Like Someone Has Used My Ribs for a Punching Bag

It hurts to breathe.

I’m feeling better now that I’ve taken some Tylenol, but I can’t help but wonder: is this because I was forced into taking a flu shot? I felt fine before that moment.

Yep. I stuck my arm out on Friday and got a stupid flu shot. My boss, God bless her, was wringing her hands and I was stressing her out – would she have to fire me? And then go through the tedious (and dare I say impossible?? Ha!) task of replacing me??

I finally took pity on her Friday and said, “Fine. Uncle. I’ll get the damn flu shot.”

I left out the “damn” part.

The MA who gave me the shot was very good – I barely felt a thing. And I didn’t bleed, at all. Which is sort of unusual for me since my blood is pretty thin to begin with.

And I’ve felt fine, until today. But then again, my ribs hurting might not be because I got the flu shot – it could be because I actually cleaned house this weekend and well, my body is not used to any sort of exercise, at all. I sit all day, then I come home, check my emails and sit some more and watch TV. I think my body went into shock because I’ve been so active this weekend (I also walked four miles).

So. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have a reaction – at least then I could say, “See? SEE? I TOLD you getting a flu shot wasn’t a very good idea.” But alas, I’m just too healthy, I guess.

But I’m not really worried about the short-term effects of the shot – I’m more concerned with the long term. No one really knows, after years and years of accepting the flu shot, how it affects the body.

And that part worries me, quite frankly.

Dude and Jazz went over to their cousin’s house this weekend. I sort of stayed out of it. They had originally planned on just going over there for a few hours, but I got a text about 9ish saying they were staying overnight.

Which, I knew they would.

Our children are roommates and though it’s weird, I’m sort of digging it. It’s becoming easier and easier to distance myself from them and allowing them to make their own decisions. And that’s mainly because I’m simply not around much anymore.

Which is a good thing, I think.

Kevin and I took advantage of the alone time and went out to Whole Hog Cafe. That’s one my favorite restaurants. I LOVE their pulled pork sandwiches – SUPER YUM. And I’m not really that big of a pork-kind of gal.

After dinner, we came home and watched “The Hunger Games.” Disturbing, but so cool. I think the premise behind that story is so interesting and steeped in reality because if our current president has his way? We’ll end up converting our country into a communist nation and then what? Rations and Big Brother watching us all the time.

If you think I’m crazy, then you’re not paying attention to what’s going on around you.

Just sayin’.

I went ahead and reserved a hotel room in St. Louis for next October. I’m hoping that Jazz will want to go to the Band’s of America with us next year. And even if he doesn’t, I’m still going. It’ll be a fun weekend away and now that we know our way around downtown, (i.e. places to eat), then it’ll be even more fun and relaxing next time.

But no more driving home in the dead of night. Getting home at 4:00 in the morning sucks.

Big time.

Did I tell you guys that Kevin has converted our garage into a band room? His band comes over once a week and practices in our garage. I’m glad he found someplace more comfortable to practice, and definitely more convenient for him, but UGH. Our garage has been taken over by equipment.

But it makes him happy, so I’m happy he’s happy.

Kevin knocked out one of our windows and put in a door this past weekend. He was getting tired of having to open the garage door every time they needed something and since it’s getting colder, this will also keep more heat in.

It sure is handy having him around sometimes. 😀

I filled out the cap/gown order form for Jazz this weekend. I’m not buying the announcements from the same company because WOW – they’re charging an arm and a leg. Besides, who really cares about the little name cards that go into the announcements anyway? It’s all going to be thrown away, let’s be real. And Jazz? Could care less.

I think Jazz is ready to graduate. He’s already talking about what he wants to do – which is to take the summer off, and then get a job. He’s not interested in going back to school any time soon. And though we’ll encourage him to go to school at some point, I agree, taking some time off from school is probably a good thing.

It’s all about moderation, remember?

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