Saturday Schedule at Broken Arrow

Here we go … the second, out of four, competitions!!


It’s cloudy, cold and it looks like the kids may get rained on at times. I’m praying, PRAYING, really hard that the rain bypasses us. It rained yesterday and Jazz said that the band director made them practice anyway, probably to prepare them for today, I imagine.

I’m ready, (well not technically, I still haven’t taken a shower yet – I will when I get back from dropping Jazz off at school). I packed two travel packages of tissues (my nose runs like a faucet) and a travel packet of hand wipes (because WOW, the germs at these things). We’ll also take a blanket and a cooler of beverages as well as bundle up and prepare to sit in 30+ degrees of coldness WHEN (I’m optimistic) the kids make finals tonight.

Kevin and I will be leaving around 9ish this morning and will likely grab a Starbucks for the road.

I really look forward to this competition. I have the utmost respect for the Oklahoma bands and I’m really looking forward to seeing their shows this year. Not to mention, Broken Arrow will showcase their show right before finals start tonight, and that’s ALWAYS a treat to watch.

We’ll be home about 2:30 in the morning. I can already feel a yawn coming on just typing that.