Band Parent Preview – Practicing Hard

So, as is tradition with the boys’ high school, we went to the Ice Cream Social the other night to listen to the music the kids practiced during band camp week.

And as usual, I got goosebumps because the songs? Are a little Christmas-y, and uplifting, and happy and … I just really love our band program. The band director consistently picks music that leaves a smile on your face. I can NOT wait to see what sort of marching tricks he has up his sleeve for this year.

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

Seriously, I don’t know why I get so worked up when the kids play. I don’t know if it’s because I’m secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) envious of their high school experiences, or if I’m overwhelmed by their talent and ability to absorb new things like a sponge, or their youth … or all of the above …

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

… or if I simply enjoy watching these mini shows, listening to the music or marveling over the different interpretations these bands come up with.

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

All I know, is that I’m scary into these marching band months. I asked Jazz the other day if my, erhm, enthusiasm (that sounds so much better than “obsession” doesn’t it?) embarrassed him. He just shrugged, gave me a little smile and said, “no.” That made me feel good, but I never want to embarrass my kid in front of his peers.

It’s just not cool.

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

And I like to pretend I’m cool, at least.

The whole time we sat and watched these talented kids strut their stuff, I couldn’t help thinking, “THIS IS HIS LAST YEAR!” WAAAH! I’m honestly going to miss these competitions. And I’m already gearing my family up for next year. “You’ll go to the band competitions with me in St. Louis next year, right? RIGHT??”

Because I mentioned I’m sort of obsessed with these things, right?

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.

At any rate, the kids are practicing their young tushes off. The theme for this year’s show (this LAST YEAR’S SHOW, for my kid at least), is “Out of the Box.” I won’t give it away, but there will be boxes and surprises involved. Actually, that’s all I know at this point as the only thing we were privy to at the parent preview was a little bit of marching and the music. The show evolves each time we watch it and I think that might be the biggest reason I love these marching band shows so much. You can watch the same show over and over again and you always see something different. Not only is the show evolving, but there’s so much going on at one time that it’s nearly impossible to take it all in after the first six times of watching it.

The kids are playing at the first home football game this coming Friday. I plan on recording it, even though I’m really not supposed to. But I think all bets should be off for senior parents because IT’S THE LAST YEAR OF MARCHING BAND!!

And I think it’ll be fun to compare their first show to their polished show when they reach the Bands of America in St. Louis in October. Which I’m really looking forward to, if you can’t hear the excited squeal in my voice as I type this. I even reserved our room at the Drury Inn next door to the Edward Dome back in January.

Because I’m a careful planner.

Okay fine, I’m obsessed.

For now. I’m not-so-patiently patiently waiting for the show to begin.

Like these guys.

Band 2012 - Parent Preview

Let the fun begin!!