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Audio Teaching: The Wise, The Fool, & The Wicked

by Dan Gallagher
The book of Proverbs tells us that its purpose is for “attaining wisdom and discipline,” which it does by showing people what is “right, just, and fair.” One of the principle ways it does this is by showing us the ways of the wise and comparing them to the fool and the wicked.

In this teaching, Dan Gallagher shows some of the richness of Proverbs by teaching about the five Hebrew words used to describe fools and their behaviors. This teaching will help the listener clarify foolish behavior in themselves and others, and also provide the corresponding antidote God instructs us to take in order to get back on the path of the wise.

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Check out The Fools and the Wicked of Proverbs [pdf]

Scripture breakdown of every type of fool by verse [pdf]

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