Look Who’s Coming to Town …

Hurricane Issac.


Course, by the time it reaches us, it’ll be a tropical storm … but WOOHOO – RAIN!! We need it. We’ve had drought conditions these past months and though I’m not exactly looking forward to the “storm” part of that tropical storm, I am looking forward to rain.

Cross your fingers that Issac stays on course!

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: No “Ordinary” Child

by Dan Gallagher
The Word of God tells us that when Moses was born “he was no ordinary child.” While this is certainly true of Moses, from God’s perspective it is also true that no one ever born is considered ordinary. Sadly, despite such potential for being “extraordinary,” far too many people die as “ordinary.” What happens to cause people to be turned from the “extraordinary” into the plain, the mundane, and the ordinary? In this teaching Dan Gallagher exposes the diabolical methods Satan uses to attack men and women through the seven basic desires of the heart. This teaching has the potential to provide you with personal insights and encouragement in your walk with Christ.

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