The Last Week of Band Camp Begins Today

Classic Expression

I know kid, I feel the same way. (HA! That is a classic Jazz expression, let me tell ya).

This is it. The last year of band starts today. Jazz will have a full week of grueling band camp, then we’ll get to hear the music next Monday at an ice cream social, then we’ll go to a few football games to watch them at half-time, and then it will be a race to learn, and perfect, as much as possible before the first competition, which I believe is September 22nd this year.

(The band is participating in Webb City’s Webbstock – which is more of a critiquing sort of workshop than it is a full-blown competition, at least, according to the band director. I’m sort of looking forward to it, just to hear what the judges have to say on how we can improve our show).

I’ve been dreading Fall 2012 since Jazz began his musical “career” in sixth grade. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of his music years and I’m going to SORELY miss them.


I have no idea if he’ll go to college and if he’ll want to participate in college marching band, he volleys back and forth on that, all I know is, I’m going to milk this last year like never before. I’m taking a ton of pictures and I’m going to video tape quite a few performances (even though our band director really discourages that – but it’s my baby’s senior year! I have to have something to pull out years from now and cry over!)

Jazz is not too terribly excited about band camp. It’s hard work. He comes home sore and exhausted every night – and it only gets progressively worse as the week wears on. He actually took this summer off (he had to take summer classes the past two summers), so he’s done nothing but sit around and laugh at YouTube videos.

I’m being totally serious.

So the mere fact that he’ll be out of the house and walking around will be hard enough. Ha!

He’ll drive himself to camp. He’s also supposed to pick up his class schedule and pay for his parking permit on Wednesday, too. Jazz will have some pretty challenging classes this year – he’s been used to sort of coasting along so far, so he’s going to be pretty busy just keeping up with his classes in addition to trying to stay on top of his band obligations.

I’d like to apologize up front for the sheer number of band posts you’re about to endure. Since this is his last year, I’d really like to document every bittersweet moment. Poor you. Ha!

So here we go. Let the 2012 band season begin!!!

Wish us luck!!