The Beginning of the End of Our Band Experiences

So we went to Jazz’s band banquet a few weeks back …

We didn’t really know what to expect, since Jazz has refused to go to previous band banquets. He actually didn’t want to go to this one, but I remember how much he regretted not going to last year’s, so I sort of forced him to go this year.

And I’m glad we did. It was actually pretty fun. The food was pretty mediocre, but we weren’t really there for the food anyway. It was lasagna, salad, breadsticks and some sort of Alfredo dish (with green noodles. I’m just going to pretend they MEANT to serve us green noodles).

There were three sheet cakes … two of them were pretty plain but I thought this one was pretty cool …

Life's Directions Cake

“Life’s Directions” was from the 2011/2012 marching band show.

The night wore on and a lot of kids got awards. Jazz actually won something: “The Most Improved Soloist” for jazz band. And I have to admit, I agree with this award. It’s like it suddenly clicked this year and his solos in jazz band have been more cohesive. Jazz was pleasantly surprised with the certificate and was all smiles when he went up to accept the award.

Next year’s banquet will be hard – since he’ll be a senior he’ll be honored and recognized and I know I’ll be fighting back tears.

In fact, I have a feeling this last year of band is going to be very emotional … for me, at least. I LOVE the band program and I’ve had SO MUCH FUN watching the kids, and the show, grow with every performance. I know Jazz has had a blast and it’s one of the biggest reasons why school has been tolerable for him.

We went to the 2012/2013 band parent meeting the other night and found out what contests the band will be participating in this year.

We’re going to something called Webb Stock this year on September 22nd. This will be a new contest for our band and it’ll be interesting to see where we fit in WHEN we make finals (I’m that optimistic). We’ll be competing with a lot of local bands and it’ll be early enough in the season that it’ll be interesting to see how they can make the show better so that by the time we perform at Bands of America in October, we’ll have a near-perfect show. Apparently, that’s the main reason our band director wants to participate in Webb Stock this year – because of the constructive criticism. It’s really more about growth than the prize.

Though winning a top spot is a pretty sweet perk. 😀

We’ll be participating at the 2012 Broken Arrow Invitational as well as the Renegade Review again this year.

And then, of course, we’re playing at the mother of all competitions, Bands of America in St. Louis.

I’m insanely excited for this year – one, because it’s Jazz’s last year to play with the band, and two, the show sounds like it’s going to be a lot like the “No Strings Attached” show the kids put on a few years back. It was my absolute favorite and they did very well with it. It’s going to be a fun, light-hearted show that (hopefully) allows every single band member to do something fun and unusual.

We’ll see what the band director comes up with.

Kevin and I are talking about becoming involved with the band parent organization this year. I think it would be really fun to be on the field and helping the band during competitions. Since this is our last year participating (notice I didn’t just say “our last year” because I fully intend on talking Jazz into going to some competitions next year), I’d really like to savor every last delicious moment.

Here’s to a dynamic, fun, and SUCCESSFUL marching band season!!!! *chink*