Homework Central

So apparently? I’m not enemy number for one for Dude, at least, not tonight.

Probably because he needed my help on a project for the class he absolutely hates this quarter – meteorology. (He told me he doesn’t hate the subject matter, but rather, all of the work the teacher piles on them. But his counselor DID warn him that it was a hard class, so it’s not like this is a big surprise).

He’s supposed to write a four-page critique on the movie, “Twister,” (which they watched together in class) and put it in an attractive format, complete with graphics. I suggested Microsoft Publisher, showed a few tricks on how to manipulate the template to look like he wanted and suddenly, I’m the boy’s best friend.


He even talked to me a bit tonight.

Don’t worry, I savored every last minute, I assure you.

This project is due tomorrow.

I wonder where he gets the procrastination gene from?

It can’t be me, I never procrastinate. *ahem*

I hope this “good will toward mom” lasts through the weekend, because him, me and Kevin are going to watch Jazz’s band compete in a marching band competition on Saturday and we’ll be stuck in the car together for nearly six long hours (three down there, three back).

The trip will be so much more pleasant if he’s not snarling at me.