Through My Eyes

Embracing Indian Summer

My pink slippers. I bought pink on purpose because I’m determined to try and become a bit more girly. And apparently, I think that’s going to happen if I buy girly-looking footwear.

The jury is still out on the girly transformation.

Fall has arrived in the Ozarks. Actually, it’s Indian Summer right now. (I know how Wikipedia defines Indian Summer, and I’m sure they’re right, they’re Wikipedia after all *ahem*, but MY definition of Indian Summer? Days so hot you feel the need to shed your clothing [layering is an essential art in my neck of the woods], nights so cold you feel the need to slip your feet into slippers and turn on the heater for brief spurts of time, just long enough to remove the chill in the air).

Indian Summer. My favorite part of the year.

I mentioned in my audio post that this is my favorite time of year – actually, that’s not true, it’s my MOST favorite time of year. Crisp mornings, warm afternoons, brightly-colored leaves, marching band competitions, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and of course, National Novel Writing Month.

This time of year triggers something in me and I feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. It’s hard to explain.

I crave productivity, but I’m okay if it doesn’t happen right away.

I feel comfortable in my clothing once again. I LIVE for sweats, sweatshirts and of course, slippers.

The smell of apples, spices and pumpkins make me happy. Coffee taste just a bit better in the Fall, the cool air brushing against my cheeks comforts me.

The earth is tilting on it’s axis, precariously balancing between seasons and I wait with bated breath on it’s very edge, my arms outstretched and ready to embrace the change.