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Small Talk Six: Me? Spoil Our Boys? Never!

List six ways you indulge or spoil your children

Actually, I think it’s more apt to say:

List six ways you DON’T indulge or spoil your children.

Because yes, I’ll be the first to admit it, our boys are spoiled.

But they’re not brats.

No really! I KNOW parents SAY their kids aren’t brats, but honestly, our boys are not brats.

Usually. 🙂

Let’s see if I can narrow down the ways we spoil out kids (and then offer excuses for doing so):

1. Allow them to play video games for as long as they wish. (Hence the reason they’re both uber geeks and never leave the house. BUT, geeks make money AND I know where they are … so WIN!)

2. Though we expect them to make their beds and keep their rooms clean, we don’t really require them to do anything else around the house. (Though they will if we ask them. But we have to ask them, they don’t usually do it of their own free will. That’s a bit annoying, actually).

3. Pretty much buy them anything (as long as they follow the rules and continue to do well in school).

4. Take them on awesome family vacations every summer. (Confession: I actually do this one for ME because they’ll be moving out soon and I want to take advantage of this time together).

5. I buy them junk food and soda in the hopes they will actually GAIN weight. (They are both so skinny!)

6. The boys both have their own computers – with Windows Vista (I’m still on XP). We pretty much buy them anything and everything electronic because it gives US an excuse to do the same because come on man, it’s FUN to play with that stuff.

Am I wrong? 😀