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Who Looks Like Whom?

So, I saw this nifty little quiz over at Momma Blogs A Lot and I HAD to try it and may I just say …


These results are completely BACKWARD from what I would have guessed. I would have guessed Dude looked more like me (probably because of my coloring and he SO reminds me of my brother) and Jazz is TOTALLY Kevin’s family (coloring and they looked identical when they were babies).

When I told Kevin the results, he wrinkled his nose and said, “No way.” So this means the results are totally bogus, of course. 😉

But I sure had fun doing them!

I don’t know, what do YOU think about my results?

What about you? Who do your kids take after? (You don’t have to take this quiz if you don’t want to, you have to register for an account [Grr], but in your opinion, who looks like whom?)