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Joke: Winne the … What?

A new group of first graders were in class for the first time.

The teacher told them, “You are in first grade now and we do not talk ‘baby talk’ in my classroom. When I point to you, stand, tell me your name, and something you did this summer.”

The first child stood, “My name is Jackie, I visited my Nanny.” The teacher said “That’s great, but from now on we will say Grandmother. There is no ‘baby talk’ in the first grade.”

The second child stood, “My name is Regina. I rode a choo choo this summer.” The teacher replied, “That’s good, but from now on we will say train. Remember, no ‘baby talk’ in first grade.”

The third child stood, “My name is Frank and I read a book this summer.” The teacher replied, “That’s wonderful Frank! What book did you read?”

The little boy very proudly replied, “Winnie the Shit.

Abundant Life

Teaching: Love Comes from God

Every Sunday I provide videos and valuable links to the Truth or Tradition teachings. We’ve been following the Truth or Tradition teachings for many years now and they have truly blessed our family. We have found peace and happiness through our beliefs and we walk confidently for God. My hope, by passing on this information to you, is that what you find here, or on the Truth or Tradition website, will guide you to a better, more blessed and abundant life.

If you would like to read my views on religion and how we got started with the ministry, you can read this.

Let’s get started:

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about God’s wonderful message, please visit the Truth or Tradition website. You can also keep track of the ministry through their Facebook page, their YouTube Channel, or follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.

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