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Be Careful How You Treat Writers. ;-)


Be careful how you treat writers.

Why? One word: Memoir.

Have you ever thought about writing about your life? (Outside your blog, of course).

Honestly? My life is not exciting, or interesting, enough to warrant a book. And even if it were, I’d worry about offending someone or landing myself in court defending myself.

Oh to be unaccountable and censor free – a writer can dream, right?

But then again, there’s always “fiction.” Right? (*wink*)

1 thought on “Be Careful How You Treat Writers. ;-)”

  1. Love the comic! I’ve had several people tell me that I could write a book about my experiences as a stay-at-home mom of three boys dealing with post-partum depression that turned into long-lasting depression. But the thing is, there’s not much to say. I was depressed, I got help, I’m ok now as long as I take my meds. I might fill two chapters worth, but no more than that. So no, the thought of writing a book about my life has never appealed to me.

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