Mirror Shine

The weather in Springfield on Saturday was gorgeous – sunny and nearly 70.

Unfortunately, it was also really windy (we ended up having 40 degree weather Sunday and today? I don’t think it’s supposed to get above 35 – Grr … Ozark weather is a pain).

So GD and Kevin took advantage of the nice day and shined up GD’s car.

Kevin waxed it (using one of those nifty buffer thingies that sort of scare me – can you imagine getting your hair caught in one of those things??)


(By the way, see that hole in the wall in front of the car? Yeah, Kevin did that. He drove in too fast with his truck one day and nearly knocked our wall down. Guess what’s next on his to-do list?)

GD worked on cleaning the tires and wheels.

Cleaning the Wheels

The end result? *kiss* Magnifico.


Wait. What’s up with GD’s gangsta hat?! You can’t see his handsome face. Hold on …


Ah, there’s my guys. And may I just say? I can’t believe GD is now taller than both of us. The kid’s only 16 – I’m sure he’s not done growing yet!

Kevin was so enamored with the car’s mirror shine, that he then took this picture:


Pretty cool, right?

I’m beginning to think Kevin is a little too attached to this car. I’ll have to tell GD to hide the keys from him. 🙂

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