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Twitter-esque: My Tweets Explained

twitter-social-icons1 Okay, so I’m sipping my Redbull …

If you read my tweets, that would make sense to you.



And the invoice crack? Yeah, sending out invoices is on my top ten things I don’t like to do. Why? Because for precisely the reason I stated: I feel guilty.

Actually, I’m sipping Redbull because I need the mental stimulation to brave the crazies at Wal-Mart later, take GD out for another driving lesson and because I need to work out extra hard tonight because I inhaled four Krispy Kreme donuts in about four minutes this morning.

And yeah, that was one of my tweets.


I don’t know, I GET like that once in a while. I get such a sugar craving it becomes, well, physical. It’s so weird.

I’M so weird.


Well, that one is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. And yeah, I don’t mind sharing SOME things with my husband (ahem), but not the mouth germs. Ew.

And did you see this one??


Goodwill is now online. How cool is that!! Hey, don’t knock Goodwill. If you’re patient, you can find some pretty good stuff there.

And this post over at MotherScribe?


Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Society is over-sexing our children. It’s disgusting.

And this last one?


*SIGH* Nothing irritates me more than to get excited about finding a new blog voice to follow only to put them in my RSS reader and they’ve got their feed set to summary, as opposed to a full read.

Who has time to click over? People, if you want to be read, then allow full reads for your RSS readers! Grr.


Oh, and my brother-in-law, (Hi brother Don!), used my contact form to, well, contact me the other day thereby proving that my family, my extended family, has found my blog.

In fact, another friend, (Hi Donna!), mentioned in her email, that she reads my blog. And I know one of my sisters-in-law read my blog (Hi Angie!) and my mother has been reading for quite some time (Mom, I love you, but seriously, go away, but I love you!) so I’m now officially sort of freaked out because it’s one thing to hit publish and think “Oh a bunch of faceless people, who I don’t know and will likely never meet, read my blog”. But a whole OTHER ballgame when people I actually know read my blog and I’m left frantically searching my archives and hoping I didn’t put my foot into my mouth … again.”

It’s been a traumatic discovery, I tell ya! But don’t worry, I’ll get over it. So, real-life people who I see on a semi-regular basis? Don’t take it personally if I don’t look you in the face or have nothing new to say because I’ve already said it here.

My mom tells me that all the time.

“Hey mom, did I tell you about …”

“No. But I read it on your blog.”

Seriously, I have no comeback for that. 🙂

Okay, I’m Twittered out. Tweet ya later. *GRIN*

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2 thoughts on “Twitter-esque: My Tweets Explained”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I’m reading your post because I have not quite mastered the Twitter realm. As I’m thinking, “I should tweet more often because I bet people wanna know what I’m thinking every three or so minutes.”— I see you included my tweet (oh my goodness–you made my day!!!!!!!!!!) in your post! I “stole” it from another Tweeter (can’t remember who), but I had to share the great news. Goodwill has supplied me with all my high-fashion outfits. The best things I have came from there and cost under $5! Thanks for including me, I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am being the person who is always a follower not a followee(?). And, I totally get you with the Redbull–it is a drug…a legal one, in a can!

  2. I just had to go through everything in WordPress trying to figure out if my feed was set to partial or full, because I’m another one that HATES having to click through. But yet I never thought to check my own til you mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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