Coffee Chat September 08 Prompt – #2

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Long before you met your significant other, what did you picture your future mate would be like?

(This was written to my husband).

Believe it or not, I never pictured my future mate – ever.

I didn’t have fancy daydreams about what my wedding would be like when I was a girl. I loved acting out weddings with my dolls, but I never once gave my own wedding much thought; getting married and living happily ever after was never high on my priority list. I really have no idea why – I suppose I was too busy trying to secure my career aspirations and finding out what I wanted from life to ever really think about a future life partner.

And you know me, I’m a person who has always lived in the future, so you would think picturing, and planning for, my future husband would be something I would think about, at least once in a while.

True, I did think about having a steady boyfriend. I never really had any one boy/man in my life for very long – and that was mostly my fault for as you know, I felt it was necessary to dump the guys first before they had a chance to dump me later to protect my heart from being broken.

You certainly know how long it took you to get close enough for me to let me guard down (and even to this day, I don’t feel like it’s completely down), so you can imagine how cautious I was back then with men.

And though I craved the companionship, I was fine with the thought that it might not happen. I wasn’t one of those females who defined their very existence based on a man’s opinion or approval – I would be me and if someone accepted that, great. If not, then life would go on and I would find a way to be happy, with or without a steady mate.

Then I met you. I was 24 and really just beginning my career at the bank. I was focused, carefree and completely open to new experiences and relationships, if they happened to come my way. I certainly wasn’t going to go out and actively find them myself.

When Lacey introduced us, and I saw your handsome face and charming smile, I began to entertain the thought that perhaps it would be fun to share my life with someone else. And when you spoke to me for the first time and made me laugh, I began to hope that that someone would be you.


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Coffee Chat September 08 Prompt – #1

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What do you remember most about being a kid?

Going to the county fair and spending HOURS riding rides and looking at the exhibits. Always having something to do in the summer – mom scheduled days we would go swimming, to the movies, do crafts, hanging out with my cousins, going to the zoo. I painted a lot of paint-by-numbers. I read constantly. I loved to read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries. Playing with Barbie dolls. I used to create soap opera worlds with all of my dolls; and this was before I even knew what soap operas were.

I entered a lot of my own crafts into the county fair. I won quite a few ribbons but that wasn’t the reason I participated in the fair. I worked on crafts and entered them into the fair mainly to please my mom. My mother’s main hobby / interest was (is) crafts and participating in crafts and entering the fair was something I had in common with my mom. Though I would be lying if I told you I always enjoyed working on crafts – it wasn’t my main passion – I entered mainly to please my mother.

I rode my bike a lot growing up. I felt so free and in control when I rode. It cleared my head and relaxed me. I remember having a huge crush on a guy that lived up the street from me. I desperately tried getting his attention (even befriending his little sister, who was younger than me and very annoying) and trying to appear sexy as I rode my bike by his house.

I remember living in a mobile home for the first seven years of my life. I even remember the layout of the mobile home and this one particular patchwork rocking chair I used to rock in all the time. I even taught my sister to read in that chair. I remember standing on our sofa in the mobile home and intently studying my mouth in an attempt to teach myself not to lisp. I also remember spending quite a number of hours in front of that same mirror and jiggling teeth loose. I always sort of liked having loose teeth because I liked the way it made my mouth go numb after loosening them.

I remember learning to ride a bike down our street when we lived in the mobile home. I remember my sister and I riding our bikes up and down the street, me shaky and yet confident, my sister still riding with training wheels.

I remember picking up walnuts from our backyard every season. Mom would then drive us out to the walnut husking place and we would get money in exchange for the slimy, wet bags full of walnuts we picked. Though I wasn’t crazy about staining my hands or the smell, I remember feeling very proud of myself whenever I received any money from the task. That was my first taste of earning money and I LIKED it.

I remember going camping in a tent quite a few times and hating it. Mainly because of the bugs and the fact that I had to use the bathroom over a log. I also remember going camping in grandpa and grandma’s trailer, or maybe we hadn’t gone camping in it but we were riding home in it and I had to go to the bathroom so bad I was in pain. I’ve always had this bathroom fetish (fear?) and any time we went anywhere, I refused to use it. I remember these public restrooms, out in the boonies, that were nothing but holes in the ground. They freaked me out as I always envisioned myself falling through the hole and I REFUSED to use them. (In fact, I still have problems using bathrooms whenever we travel. Bet you wanted to know that, eh? lol)

I remember washing the front of our house in the summers. I remember laying / swinging on the porch swing for hours just daydreaming. I remember kissing the cute boy who lived right next door to us one summer. I was a few years older than him and though that bothered me, I felt very feminine and sexy hanging out with him. I remember having the BEST birthday cakes. Mom took cake-decorating classes and always made the neatest cakes for all of us kids growing up. I remember one in particular, a Barbie doll cake. You know the kind – a Barbie doll is inserted into a mound of cake that is later decorated to look like her skirt. I remember having birthday parties at our house and all the family would come over and give me gifts.

I remember our station wagon and the time we were in a wreck. I believe we were hit as we were crossing an intersection.

I remember visiting my dad at the electronics store where he worked and seeing tons of equipment lying about, their guts haphazardly displayed and waiting to be fixed. I remember my mother working as a telephone operator at night to bring in extra money.

I remember visiting HUNDREDS of yard sales and coming home with bargains. I remember wearing a pair of white overalls all the time. Mom had stitched my name on the pocket in some navy blue thread and in some loopy stitch so that it felt fuzzy to the touch. I remember skirts, pants and shirts that mom sewed for me to wear to school. And how embarrassed I was to wear all of that stuff starting about sixth grade.

I remember Mrs. Bacon (Kdg teacher), Mrs. Smith (2nd grade teacher?), Mrs. Hill (4th grade teacher), Mrs. Wilson (5th grade teacher) and Ms. Roberts (sixth grade teacher). I remember starting kindergarten and feeling both scared and excited. I also remember leaving elementary school in sixth grade feeling scared and excited about starting junior high.

I went to Doling Elementary School, Reed Junior High and Hillcrest High School. Doling school has been converted to some building for the school system – it’s no longer a school – Reed Junior High and Hillcrest High are still there. I think our mascot was: Doling Dolphins (which is what our kids elementary school mascot was), Reed Beavers (which I HATED because I thought that sounded sexually suggestive and just plain stupid) and Hillcrest Hornets (which I thought was dorky at first. But then we started winning games and I realized that hornets are actually very mean when provoked and thought it was cool).

But what do I remember the MOST about being a kid? Being happy and well adjusted.


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Reflections: Favorite Pastime

I really, really need to catch up on some work today, so I thought I would post an old Reflections piece that was originally published on my self-hosted blog February 18, 2006. In addition, this reflection piece is quite similar to what I’m looking for in Coffee Chat participants. Though you can interpret the prompts any way you wish (write an essay, nonfiction or fiction), this might give you an idea of the sort of things I’m hoping to accomplish with the Coffee Chat program. It’s fun, and REWARDING to remember (and confront) parts of our past – and then share them with one another. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Questions to help me remember the past –

What was your favorite pastime as a child? Did you prefer doing it alone or with someone else?

I remember being really big into my Barbies. I won’t even tell you what age I stopped playing with them, that would be too embarrassing. Suffice it to say that I was old enough to keep quiet about it. I loved dressing them up. I loved making up scenarios and putting them into all sorts of crazy situations. I even made up entire soap operas with back histories and future episodes, etc. I loved dressing them funky and making my own fashion statements. It wasn’t so much the dolls that I loved it was the whole imaginary world I created. I loved making up stories even then, only I used the Barbies to bring the stories to life.

After I finally accepted the fact that it was weird for a teenager to still be playing with dolls, I discovered books. I’ve always read, but the first time I recall really getting “into” books was with the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. These books also coincided with the dorky TV show that used to air. Shawn Cassidy was Joe Hardy and I had the BIGGEST crush on him! I couldn’t get enough of those books. They are pretty hokey compared to what’s available in todays books, but I suppose they weren’t any more hokey than the Harry Potter series (though I will admit, I love Harry Potter).

I didn’t really get into romance novels until after I graduated from high school. I do remember staying up all night, quite a few times a week, reading a romance novel. I would start it after work, about dinnertime, and wouldn’t put it down until the wee hours.


I played with my dolls by myself (my sister sometimes played but I would get frustrated because she wouldn’t abide by my imagination and I would kick her out of the game. How dare she try to use her own imagination! *grin*)

I was rather a loner growing up. I had friends, some even good ones, but it never bothered me to be alone and curl up with a good book. I suppose you could say books were my friends growing up.

Getting back to the romance aspect of the books I read. I’m older and wiser now and accept the fact that the romance theme of these books was rather unrealistic. Men just don’t act that way. Sure, they have the ability to be romantic, but not on the level that these books demanded. I think in a lot of ways, reading romance books growing up skewed my perceptions of relationships in general. It’s no surprise that I didn’t really have any serious relationships until I met my husband and by then I was ready for a serious relationship. The men in my past always failed to live up to the fantasy men in my romance novels. Was that unfair? Certainly, but as I said, my view on romance was skewed for a long time. Even after I got married it affected my expectations and it took me a long time to realize that the problems I imagined in our relationship was because of me and really had nothing to do with my husband. Once I realized this, I was happier, he was happier and we had a better life together.

Reading books is great and should be encouraged, but it’s important to step back and take a dose of reality and realize that life is not something we can make up – it’s real and our happiness depends on the choices we make.

*steps down off her soapbox*


It’s fun!


Behind the Scenes

So I’m behind the scenes working on some stuff and I’m not quite ready to talk about any of it at this point. But to give you a sneak peek (Sundays are all about sneak peeks with me lately – check back later for the Monday Morning Meme sneak peek questions) of what I’ve been up to …

1. I’m working on importing my old Reflections entries from my previous self-hosted blog. One of the biggest reasons I blog is to leave a part of me behind for my family/children/grandchildren and I have several books (Reflections from a Mother’s Heart, Between Me and You – Mom Edition, Between Me and You – Honey Edition, and The Book of Myself) that I’ve been systematically answering questions from that I would like to document and post here for anyone interested enough about me and the life I led to read later on down the road. I’m currently writing new entries and will be posting those at irregular intervals in the weeks ahead.

2. Looking up these books has gotten me in the mood for a giveaway – a little something to honor Father’s day … check back next week for details on that.

3. I’ve also been researching charities for the 2008 Blog-a-thon that I’ve decided to do unofficially. (The official Blog-a-thon organization is taking the year off but I feel pretty strongly about continuing the tradition of blogging for charity so I’m going to go ahead and participate this year on an unofficial level). And I’ve decided to blog for a cause that has always tugged at my heartstrings – Operation Homefront. I’ve started a page that will explain more about the charity and how I plan to blog about it (keep checking back as the page evolves), so I won’t go into too many details here. Suffice it to say, this is going to be an emotional blog-a-thon – have a full box of tissues close at hand.

4. And last but not least, I just found out that my blog has been nominated for two of the ten categories from Kailani’s 2008 Bloggy Hoss Awards. WHOA. I was shocked to see my name listed among so many talented bloggers. And these folks are certainly more entertaining than I’ve ever been, believe me. I’m very humbled by the honor – thank you. I’ve been nominated for the Brainiest and Most Talkative categories. I’m sure the brainiest category has to be wrong but I’m reluctant to bring it anyone’s attention because they will most likely gasp in horror and rip my name right off of there. *grin* But the most talkative ….? Yeah, I can see that one. 😉

If you have a few minutes, please visit Kailani’s blog and vote for me! And while you’re at it, click over and visit all of the wonderful people that have been nominated – talk about a stellar group of people!

As always, thank you for visiting my humble abode and I wish each and every one of you a FABULOUS Sunday! *blows a huge sloppy kiss to everyone in the room*