A Moment in Time: DC Metro

This isn’t a big deal to most of you. But this was the first time we were even close to a subway, let alone getting ready to ride one for the first time.

I think the highlight of our trip MIGHT have been the subway. Is that sad?

The woman in the pink t-shirt that walks in front of the camera and looks like she’s about to faint on the tracks from nerves and then notices that nearly every person on the train is dressed for business and there she is wearing ratty tourist clothes? Yeah, that would be me.

But I wasn’t intimidated. *cough*


A Moment in Time: Accidental Video

We’re walking The Mall area, on our way to the Washington Monument, when we stop to catch our breath. Well, me and the boys stop, the hubs continues to walk around and take pictures.

Only, he’s not taking pictures, he has the video function turned on and doesn’t know it. We got quite a kick out of “following” the hubs around. 😀

(That’s carousel music in the background – annoying, isn’t it).