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Because There Are Not Enough Videos of Babies Walking Backward on the Internet

Know what I love about this video? Aside from the fact that it’s my firstborn learning to propel himself backward?

The sheer JOY on Dude’s face. I LOVE watching babies’ expressions – it’s like they have so much joy and wonder bottled up inside them they can barely contain it – it just seems to explode out of them.

Also? The whole “da da” thing? ANNOYING. Sorry about that. *sigh*

(Click the blue arrow to play)
(Glee “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”)

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We Have a Golfer in Our Family?

In an effort to get Dude out in public more (he’s an introverted sort of personality and though he’s getting better, we’re still pretty vigilant in making sure he doesn’t spend anymore time in his room than absolutely necessary), Kevin has been taking him various places on lunch break.

(Dude goes to Kevin’s office every day. He works on his programs up there, helps Kevin out with odd jobs and Kevin even has him doing janitorial work. BONUS).

One day, Kevin took Dude to the driving range. There’s one just down the street from Kevin’s office. He took a video of Dude on his phone hitting some balls.

He had nothing but good things to say about his efforts. Considering the boy has never hit golf balls outside of a putt-putt course, we thought he did pretty well.

We’re working really hard to help build Dude’s confidence. The kid has no confidence. ZERO. NONE. I blame myself. I think I “broke” his spirit by being too strict with him growing up, if you want the truth. Now, we’re trying to repair the damage by exposing him to all sorts of experiences to help him find his “niche.”

Life can’t happen unless we MAKE it happen, right?

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Father Prowess

Another example of Kevin’s awesome daddy skills.

Check out Kevin’s expression at 3:13 mark. That’s his “I’m getting tired of humoring you and that camera” look. He got pretty impatient with me taping the kids doing nothing for so long.

Course NOW he’s glad I did all of that because they’re so fun to look back on.

And speaking of expressions – check out Dude’s expressions as Kevin plays the guitar.

Babies are fascinating, aren’t they?

At least MY babies were. HA!

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Tickle to Distract


I know. Mush-ville. But seriously, Kevin is the best father. He has always made time for his boys. He always helps them when they need him. He always interacts with them and always tells them that he loves them.

Anyway. Here’s an example of how hands-on he was with the boys. He would routinely get on the floor with them and distract them so I could get some things done.

One thing about Kevin’s tickles (then and now), they’re HARD. He digs his fingers in so much that it goes beyond the realm of tickling and into pain. He doesn’t mean to, and he eases up whenever you say something, but I think he’s so focused on making you laugh that he tries a little too hard. ha!

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Parking the Baby

I told you I had HOURS of video where the babies are doing nothing at all.

Here’s one …

I’m assuming we just bought this walker because I’ve stuck Dude in it and then thought it was so cool, I had to video tape him looking confused – pleased with his new found vertical position, but confused, nonetheless.

I think I kept the camera on him for so long because I was fascinated with his chubby legs and the way he was kicking them as well as the way he would curl his toes. Baby fat is so adorable, isn’t it?

We’ve been pretty fortunate with our air conditioner – it’s only broke down a few times in the 19 + years that we’ve been living in our house. But of course, it always happened at the hottest part of the summer. Judging by the way Kevin slams the doors coming and going and his fast pace, he’s either A. annoyed, B. thinking how to fix the problem or most likely, C. both.

He also got annoyed with me whenever I would sit on my butt and video tape the kids instead of helping him, paying attention to him, or not cleaning house (I’m a terrible housekeeper. At least, I used to be, I’m better now). I TOLD him we’d be glad I taped the kids so much someday and guess what?

It’s someday.

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend here this weekend: sunny and in the 80’s. I feel sort of guilty, considering Hurricane Irene is going to pretty much ruin plans for the East Coast this weekend. Hang in there East Coasters. Let’s pray Irene doesn’t do very much damage.