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A Society-Wide Problem

Did you see this crying barista video? Watch and let’s discuss.

First of all, I’m a big fan of Matt Walsh. He calls it like he sees it. He’s real and unabashedly honest. He doesn’t sugar coat it and he doesn’t apologize for simply pointing out REALITY to people. He’s part of the Daily Wire group, which I recommend following, for a number of reasons. But let’s get back to the video.

My first reaction is pity. I feel sorry for this girl. She’s clearly confused, on so many levels, and crying out for help that no one can admit she needs.

My next reaction is anger. At her parents. For not standing firm and teaching her that life will not treat you special. That you’re not special, not to the general population. I can ASSURE you, no one, NO ONE, cares what you identify as. NO ONE is going to cater to your hurt feelings or sensitivities. And no amount of facial hair, crying, protesting, anger, name calling, is going to change that. It makes me angry that parents haven’t taught their children how to handle reality. How to endure hardships. The importance of hard work and enjoying the fruits of that labor.

And the part where she says, “The customer mis-gendered me … I have a full mustache and beard!” All I hear, is, “play into my fantasy! Do you realize what I’ve gone through to make this charade a reality??” I just feel bad for her. She’s desperately trying to be special, to stand out … all this has done is break her. It’s just pathetic.

As Matt says, this is a system-wide problem. Our kids have short circuited and the “adults” in their lives are too scared to re-wire them. Everyone is so scare of being “labeled.” I’ve never understood why people are so scared of WORDS?! Who cares what you call me. Think what you want, it DOESN’T CHANGE REALITY.

And I truly don’t understand the NEED to post oneself having a mental break down to the Internet for everyone to see and ridicule. Why? What is the purpose of putting your mental breakdowns online? What is that going to do? How does that help? Short answer, it doesn’t. This girl not only posted her breakdown, she posted it WHILE AT WORK AND ON THE CLOCK. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t get fired. And news flash, this is precisely why companies are loathe to set up unions because snowflakes like this will make crazy demands ultimately leading the business to closing it’s doors because it can no long afford to cater to it’s crazy employees’ demands.

Is it the attention? I guess negative attention is better than no attention at all?

“We have built a society filled with people who can not handle any amount of frustration at all, they can’t carry on, let alone thrive. They collapse and melt into a puddle. And the fundamental issue is that no one wants to work, these people think they shouldn’t have to. They just don’t wish for the magical genie, (to grant their every wish), they think that the world owes it to them. And when the world doesn’t give them what they believe they’re owed ,they cave into themselves even farther.”

Amen Matt, amen.

Here are two more examples of today’s system-wide problems:

This grown woman thought it was okay to dump the entire contents of TWO bowls of candy into her bucket, bag, whatever. What makes someone think this is okay?? What sort of upbringing did this woman have to not only think this is okay but to act upon it? She’s feels like this is “owed” her, I guess. I truly don’t understand this mentality.

And check out this kid:

I’m sure his parents are beaming with pride right about now. I say that with sarcasm but I don’t know, maybe they really ARE proud of this little shit.

And the fact that he flips off the camera at the end. So disrespectful and antagonistic.

If this is your child, or you have a child that behaves in this way, not only is your kid an asshole, but you need parenting lessons. Because THIS? This is not the proper way to raise a child.

Seeing the state of people’s narcissistic, selfish, entitled attitudes and behaviors sickens me. What are we doing? How did we get this way? I know the schools are a HUGE part of the problem but parents, what the hell?!

Kids like this boy and girl, who thinks she’s a boy, grow up into the asshole that is this grown woman. It’s a cycle of sadness, despair and disillusion.

Let’s get back to reality, shall we?

Parents, do better.