Cargo Trailer Conversion Build

Here is a quick walk-through video if you’re interested.

Here is the detailed discussion of the contents of our trailer that I promised that we would post months ago. It’s a bit tedious but hopefully you find it interesting and maybe it will inspire you if you’re thinking of building something like this.

My apologize for the birds, frogs, passing cars and the number of times we hit the table and shake the camera. I realize that’s annoying. Make it into a drinking game! Every time we shake the camera, take a drink!

I’m very proud of Kevin for taking on this project. I think he has done an excellent job of repurposing existing materials and somehow making it work for our trailer. We wanted something comfortable, durable and cheap and he hit it out of the park. We’ve used it a handful of times, in fact, I have some more trips to blog about, and we’re very comfortable in it. We feel a bit out of place when we go camping, we rarely see other cargo trailers when go out, but we like it and that’s all that matters. We’ve had some other campers comment on it a few times and a few brave souls have actually asked to look inside.

It’s not completely done. The bathroom area hasn’t been painted yet and there are some trimming details but overall, it’s functional and we’re enjoying it.

A few side note: we no longer store the TV by the toilet when we travel. It bumped around one too many times and we ended up cracking the screen. (Though Kevin found an even bigger one for dirt cheap – I don’t know how he finds all these deals!). We store the TV under one of the bed mattresses now and that seems to keep it safe and secure – so far so good.

Kevin is worried that we’re going to crack the toilet because it’s just a normal, ceramic house toilet, so we travel with the lid off the toilet tank and he bungees it in place so it doesn’t bounce around and move. Again, so far so good, no cracks. Which is surprising because we’ve taken a few wrong turns and have ended up on some BUMPY roads.

We’re talking about making some update videos soon, little 15 minute videos of things we’ve changed, upgraded, since we filmed this five months ago. Kevin even added solar panels!

Thanks for watching and happy camping!