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Evil Santa, Out-of-Control Teacher, Heart-Wrenching Plea

What would you do if Santa did something like this to your kid?

Santa tells this little boy he won’t bring him a nerf gun for Christmas. Why? Because Santa is a leftist and he just can’t resist pushing an agenda. Santa is not rude, but he’s firm. This little boy will forever remember the year Santa denied him his wish. This little boy will likely think he wasn’t good enough because why would Santa deny him his one wish?

There is a time and place to voice your opinion and/or argue or defend an agenda – making children cry when you’re being paid to bring joy and magic to a child’s life is NOT the time.



Bit*h, kill yourself. Go f*ck yourself.” That’s what this crazy woman shouted at the protestors across the street.

Dude, she’s a TEACHER.

Why? Because these protestors dared to protest the lockdowns and the insane COVID restrictions these crazy governors have implemented.

What would possess … wait – that’s it, she’s possessed. What would make a person completely lose her mind like this? First of all, learn some control, Chica. Secondly, the people protesting? Have just as much right to voice their concerns as you do to yell obscenities. Thirdly, here’s a thought, ignore them. Fourth, why so ANGRY?! What is up with people just going hysterical when they see a person, or a group, who thinks differently than they do?

Calm down. Seriously. Calm down.

If you’re feeling frustrated and need to vent, as we all do from time-to-time, go punch a pillow, or scream in your car with the windows rolled up and away from people. Let it out in a non-aggressive, non-violent way. Doing this? Screaning your fool head off and completely losing your mind just makes you look straight up crazy.

Did I mention she’s a TEACHER?? Wow. Just wow.

Added: The teacher has been suspended and is on paid leave. First of all, PAID leave? Not very severe consequences for her actions. Secondly, a commenter on the story said something along the lines, “now, we don’t know what is going on with this woman. Maybe she just lost a loved one from COVID.” And yes, there are always two sides to a story. However, NOTHING justifies her out-of-control rage and NOTHING ever justifies telling someone to kill themselves. Ever. I don’t care what side of the fence you eat your French fries on. So no. There is no justifying this behavior. This woman has anger issues and she needs to seek counseling. Period.


This made me cry.

This poor woman. You can hear her anguish. You can see her frustration. You can feel her fear. There are THOUSANDS of small business owners all across the country who will not survive these lockdowns. The left is systematically shutting down these small businesses leaving room for the big companies, the conglomerates, a pathway to get bigger and more powerful. How is this compassionate? How is this fair? How is this ethical? How is this LEGAL?? This woman is literally BEGGING for help. We have crossed the line. We continue to over-react to this virus. When will it stop. When will it stop?

Nearly 20% of America’s restaurants have closed permanently because of the lockdowns and another estimated 10,000 will close before this pandemic is over. The government has intentionally decimated this industry. How can anyone feel less than rage over this?? IT’S WRONG AND EVIL to decide another person, or entity’s, future. My God, we are heading down a dangerous road here.

If you haven’t seen these stories, you’re watching the wrong news. I recommend checking out The Tatum Report and NewsMax for more REALISTIC news.

Don’t be a sheeple.

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