Do You Hear That? The Ice is Singing

Need a moment of tranquility and beauty in all of this depressing darkness? Watch this lovely young lady embrace the cold and ice. It’s like a visual piece of poetry. Breathtaking.

Now that you’ve watched it, don’t you feel more peaceful? I do. I love how she appreciates the small things. I love how she embraces nature and allows it to soak into the fiber of her being. She’s an artist and the ice and mountains inspire her. Watching videos like this inspire me.

It makes me want to write a story.

Perhaps I will.

I personally love the cold. I love the fresh, crisp air. The stillness. The twinkling of lights as the sun warms up thousands of ice crystals. It truly is heavenly.

This reminds me of our trip to Alaska. The fjords and the ice glaciers. The ice really does speak to you and the sound is other worldly so I understand her eagerness to capture the conversation. It really is like you’ve been transported to another world and all of your responsibilities and anything that is weighing heavily on your heart suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. Or at the very least, it’s been put on hold. This makes me want to go back to Alaska. I pray we will have an opportunity to do so someday soon.

Being in nature, watching this video, gives you perspective. Something I feel like we all need, especially right now with the world weighing so heavily on our shoulders. We need something to right our equilibrium because everything feels so topsy-turvy right now. We need light and beauty, there has been too much darkness and ugliness.

We need God and all of His beauty.

This video, this glimpse into nature’s balm, is God’s gift to us. But we are so far removed from it that we have forgotten it has existed or we don’t know how to access it anymore. It’s there, you just have to look for it and then embrace it when you find it.

I know it sounds weird, but this video gave me a lot of peace. I feel like someone has rubbed a cooling, very pleasant, balm on my soul. I hope it gives you peace as well.

This is also a good lesson on taking a moment to appreciate the world around us. Not necessarily nature, though definitely that, but rather, the little things that go unnoticed or taken for granted. I need to start training my brain to pay more attention.

Perhaps that will be an upcoming goal for 2021.

(photos from Unsplash)