Interview with Maya

Hello Blogfam and welcome,

I’d like to introduce Maya Cooper. She’s the main character of my NaNoWriMo project and she has graciously consented to being interviewed for my blog. Please give her a warm welcome.

Me: Hello Maya. *warm smile* Thanks for hanging out with me today.

Maya: Hi. Thanks for having me. *shy smile*

Me: So. You have a starring role in my upcoming story, how do you feel about that?

Maya: Well, *soft laugh*, if you had asked me how I felt before I lived this story, I would have been tongue tied and terrified. But now.. *shrug – pause* let’s just say I’m no longer terrified.

Me: Oh wow. That’s quite a loaded statement. Can you elaborate?

Maya: And spoil the story? Of course not. *chuckle*

Me: Well now I’m intrigued. What happens that changes your perspective?

Maya: What happens? A lot. In fact, I have a bone to pick with you, did you have to put me through so much agony? It was touch and go there for a while. Actually, several times. *she frowns*

Me: *embarrassed chuckle* Well. I couldn’t make it too easy, it wouldn’t have been as interesting to read.

Maya: I suppose.

Me: Okay, well. I’m sorry?

Maya: *chuckles*

Me: By the way, I LOVE your hair. It’s gorgeous.

Maya: Thank you.

Me: I wish my hair was long and thick like yours. Did you French braid it yourself? And I love how you left the pigtails loose at the bottom. Very pretty.

Maya: Thanks. Yeah. I did it myself. When you have waist-length hair, you think of creative ways to get it out of your face. My friend, Ava, taught me how to French braid. In fact, most of the styles you see me wear in the story was created by my friend. The color is growing out though. I need to go back in and touch up my highlights. *self-consciously touches her hair*

Me: And what a gorgeous sweater dress. That dark green looks amazing on you, it really highlights your light green eyes.

Maya: *blushes* Well, thank you.

Me: Where did you get those boots?

Maya: *chuckles* Now you’re just buttering me up.

Me: Is it working? *grin*

Maya: *laughs* Maybe.

Me: So tell us a little something about you.

Maya: *sighs* I’m not sure where to start so I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

Me: Always a good place to start.

Maya: *narrows her eyes* Are you making fun of me?

Me: No, no! Sorry. I guess I’m feeling a little embarrassed because I didn’t realize I was so hard on you.

Maya: I nearly died a few times, Karen. Not to mention, what happened to …

Me: Go on.

Maya: *shakes head* No. You’re not going to trick me into telling your audience what happens. That would spoil everything and make my story less “interesting to read,” as you put it.

Me: *blush* Okay. Fair enough. Start at the beginning.

Maya: *takes a breath and looks off into the distance* I was a happy child, for the most part. Mom and dad are still married though after the adventure you put me and my friends through, I don’t know if they will stay married.

Me: Wow. Sounds serious.

Maya: It was. You pretty much destroyed my family … in some ways, but in other ways, you healed it.

Me. Sounds cryptic. Care to elaborate?

Maya: Not at this time, no.

Me: *chuckles* You sound like a politician.

Maya: *shrugs* I’ve learned a lot about being careful what I say and to whom. *smirks*

Me: Sounds like you don’t trust me.

Maya: I don’t. *pointed look*

Me: Ouch. And touché. *nods head* Please continue.

Maya: I had a normal childhood … at least as normal as you can get when your dad is a secret service officer hired to protect the president.

Me: *blinks* As in, the President of the United States?

Maya: That would be the one.

Me: How long did he do that?

Maya: Oh gosh, years. I don’t even know how long. He has protected five presidents over the past 25 years.

Me: Was he ever hurt on the job?

Maya: That’s classified information.

Me: Really?

Maya: *chuckles* No. But it sounds cool.

Me: *grins* What about your mom?

Maya: She’s great. My mom and I are close.

Me: Are you close to your dad?

Maya: *pauses and chews her lip* Not exactly. We sort of had a falling out.

Me: Care to elaborate?

Maya: I’d rather not.  You’ll have to read my story to find out what happened.

Me: Wow. That sounds mysterious. Not to mention, that puts pressure on me to deliver.

Maya: *shrugs* You’re the writer.

Me: Or at least, I like to pretend I’m a writer.

Maya: Are you looking for a compliment?

Me: *grins and shrugs off her comment* Any siblings?

Maya: *long pause* No.

Me: Did you have to think about that? Do you not want to claim a sibling? *laughs*

Maya: *quietly* It’s complicated.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Did … something happen to your siblings?

Maya: Sibling. Just one. And Yes. But I would rather not talk about it.

Me: Okay. Let’s move on to other things. Do you have a job?

Maya: *brightens* Yes. I’m a yoga instructor.

Me: Oh really. I suppose you’re a vegan and like to hug trees? *laughs*

Maya: That’s a bit stereotypical, don’t you think? *scowls*

Me: *ahem* Sorry.

Maya: *cracks a grin* But true. *laughs*

Me: *exhales in relief* I didn’t mean to offend.

Maya:  You didn’t. But I guess it’s stereotypical for a reason, eh?

Me: Any other hobbies?

Maya: I like to knit.

Me: Really. I wouldn’t have guessed .. *teasing grin*

Maya: *laughs* Okay, I sound like a ninny. Let’s see … *thinks a moment* I’m also a badass kickboxer.

Me: *sputters in surprise* You’re making that up.

Maya: Nope. My dad made me take classes. He wanted to make sure I could protect myself.

Me: And have you had to protect yourself?

Maya: Let’s just say, it came in handy.

Me: Sounds intriguing! When did you have to protect yourself?

Maya: *tsks* You’re going to have …

Me: … read the story. *finished for her*

*They both laugh*

Me: Who is your favorite band?

Maya: Bon Jovi

Me: *surprised* They’re still around?

Maya: *laughs* Yes. In fact, they just came out with a new song, “Limiteless.” It’s really good. One of my favorites.

Me: I had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi. Huge fan back in the 80’s.

Maya: Good grief, how old are you? *laughs in surprise*

Me: *ahem* No comment. What do you like to read?

Maya: Biographies. I’m sort of obsessed with other people. I love to people watch, too. You can learn a lot by watching people.

Me: What is your favorite movie?

Maya: Serendipity, hands down.

Me: With Kate Beckinsale?

Maya: Yep. Love it.

Me: Do you have friends?

Maya: Of course. Ava is my best friend. We grew up together. Her mom works at the White House but don’t ask me what she does. It’s all hush-hugh. *laughs*

Me: Boyfriend?

Maya: Yes. His name is Damon Kingfisher.

Me: *gasps* Is that … ?

Maya: Yep. The Vice President’s son.

Me: Wow. I’m starting to feel intimidated. You hobnob with a lot of important people.

Maya: *shrugs* I guess. But we’re normal people, just like you.

Me: Well, that’s the first time I’ve been called normal.

Maya: *laughs*

Me: So. You shop at Walmart?

Maya: *looks horrified* Good God, no. *pauses* Target.

Me: *laughs* Of course. Because you’re a yoga instructor. Stupid me.

Maya: *laughs*

Me: Think you and Damon will get married?

Maya: *turns serious* Most definitely not.

Me: *looks surprised* Wow. You sound so certain.

Maya: Oh. I am.

Me: What happens??

Maya: *just smiles*

Me: Dang it, Maya! *laughs*

Me: You’ve had a bad day, how do you relax?

Maya: A hot bath, scented candles, soft music and a face mask.

Me: *blinks* Are you trying to be funny?

Maya: *blinks back* No, why?

Me: Because you’re being pretty stereotypical here.

Maya: *chuckles* I guess I am. But seriously. Soaking in bath oils erases my bad day. It also helps with sore muscles. Being a yoga instructor and kickboxing is rough on your muscles.

Me: I can only imagine. My idea of working out is sipping from my coffee mug and popping a donut hole in my mouth.

Maya: *chuckles*

Me: Do you have a nickname?

Maya: Gracie

Me: Why?

Maya: Grace is my middle name. Dad called me that because mom insisted they name me Maya and dad wanted to name me Grace. So he calls me Gracie to get under my mom’s skin.

Me: Does it work?

Maya: Oh yeah. *laughs*

Me: What is your greatest fear?

Maya: *cringes* I’m not sure I want to share that with your audience.

Me: Why not?

Maya: Because it’s lame and will make me sound …*shrugs* like a stuck up rich girl.

Me: Oh. You have to share it now.

Maya: *sighs* Chaos.

Me: Come again?

Maya: I’m a bit of a neat freak. I like order. In fact, I’m probably OCD though I’ve never been officially diagnosed.

Me: Why do you think that is?

Maya: Because I feel like my life was unpredictable. We never knew when dad would come home so as a result, my mother kept a very tight ship. Nothing was ever out of place and we had to look perfect at all times. She never wanted to embarrass my dad.

Me: So. You have to be in control?

Maya: Of course.

Me: What happens when you’re not?

Maya: I feel like … *pauses* This is making me uncomfortable.

Me: Okay. Sorry. Let’s move on. We’re nearly out of time anyway.

Me: How do you define happiness?

Maya: Easy. Peace and security.

Me: Do you feel like you have that with Damon?

Maya: *grimaces* Not exactly.

Me: I don’t suppose you’ll elaborate?

Maya: *just smiles*

Me: *laughs and shakes head* Okay Maya. We’re out of time. Thank you so much for joining us today and I look forward to writing your story.

Maya: I look forward to living it. Thanks for having me.

Alright Blogfam, you heard it here first. My working NaNoWriMo title is “Limitless” and I’ll be posting excerpts here from time-to-time. I plan on being a NaNoWriMo Rebel and in addition to writing Maya’s story, I will be writing blog posts and anything else that strikes my fancy to keep my creative juices flowing. I get bored if I work on one project for too long and working on other projects releases my imagination into the wild leaving it free to run uninhibited and open to new ideas.

Don’t forget to look for me on the NaNoWriMo website – my username is take2max. I have a writing group on the NaNoWriMo website called Write Away, if you wish to request an invite. It’s just an informal group to offer support during NaNo.

Happy writing!