October To Be Read Stack

Hello readers!

You can tell which book I’m currently reading by the Goodreads widget in the sidebar.

I’m all about Kindle e-books. I’m a hard core e-book reader. I haven’t read an actual book in quite a long time and I find that when I hold an actual book, it feels large and clunky. I much prefer my Kindle e-reader than an actual book. With that said, I get all of my books from Kindle Unlimited – I rarely, if ever, spend money on a book – it all goes into the $10 dollars a month I pay for Kindle Unlimited.

So, if you’re interested in reading lesser known authors and want to save a ton of money in books, join me!

I rarely read anything lower than a four-star review on Goodreads – I’ve come to trust the reviews of Goodreads readers. I stopped reading for a long time simply because every book I read was stupid, or disappointing and ultimately, a waste of time. (I feel the same with movies – haven’t watched movies, or TV, in about a year). I’ve had great luck sticking to this philosophy and most of the books I read are pretty good.

You can see my book ratings on my Goodreads account.

My goal for 2020 is to read 100 books – I’m currently at ___ – I’m right on track but I like to give myself a little bit of wiggle room so I want to get at least two books ahead of schedule.

Oh, and feel free to friend me on Goodreads, too. 🙂

Moving on, here is my October 2020 TBR stack:

  1. Stories We Never Told by Sonja Yoerg
  2. Right Behind You by Rachel Abbott
  3. Scorned by Kerry Kaya
  4. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
  5. Still Life by Louise Penny
  6. Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel
  7. The Price of Paradise by Susana López Rubio
  8. Legacy of Lies by Robert Bailey
Happy reading!