Bullet Journal

April 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads

It’s time to share my April bullet journal spread:

I went with the cliché – April showers.

I actually got the idea from watching the hundreds of bullet journal videos on YouTube and it all started with a vision board. The idea of a vision board appealed to me immediately. It’s basically a collage page of pictures that inspire you or make you happy, or something you aspire to do or feel.

And after stumbling across Unsplash, a site that offers royalty free pictures, I was instantly hooked.

After looking through the photos on Unsplash, I decided April showers would be my theme.

I’m continuing to prefer an actual calendar page as opposed to a vertical calendar page. Though I’m tempted to do a full monthly cover page with a small calendar in the future because let’s face it, my social calendar is virtually always empty so it seems a waste to use two pages for a calendar I rarely use. I may try that option in my next bullet journal.

I found the cute, sparkly cloud stickers at Hobby Lobby and an idea was born.  (Though it looks like the cloud stickers are out-of-stock currently. Our local Hobby Lobbys are closed, which .. bummer).

Remember, my bullet journal is all about experimenting with different mediums and I really liked this picture of the woman with the red umbrella, though I wish it wasn’t as dark. I like how the red gives it a “splash” (see what I did there) of color.

You know what’s funny? I didn’t realize until I went back later to put Easter on the calendar that my numbering is off. GAH! Oh well, I’ll laugh about it … at some point. (Easter is on the 12th, not the 13th – see my note at the bottom? That’s why I chose the “it’s the little things” sticker – lol).

Here’s my April vision board. The woman with the red umbrella and the street lamp was actually one picture, I cut it apart and thought it turned out cool. I love the picture of the child stomping in the rain because it makes me feel carefree and young. I also liked the rain-streaked window because watching the rain fall relaxes me and it’s interesting to see how your world changes when it rains. I love this vision board idea and I plan on continuing this every month. I am not, however, crazy about the washi tape I stuck on there. I like washi tape, I just haven’t found a use for it yet. But I’m not giving up.

Again, I was playing around with pictures and though I really like the colorful umbrellas, I’m not crazy how bright they are when compared to the rest of the spread. I plan on making a rainbow spread at some point and using this umbrella picture would have been better suited on that spread.

Here is how my weeklies turned out. All of my weeklies look the same. I’m really enjoying this horizontal spread and I’ve been keeping up with summarizing my day on each one. At some point, I think I will make them bigger and do away with my notes at the bottom. I haven’t really been utilizing them at this point and I would rather make notes on my calendar spread than on my weekly spreads. We’ll see.

I think the step tracker page turned out cute, though my clump of clouds in the middle look an elephant with snot coming out of its nose. haha! I’m also really using my brain dump pages and I think I might make them two pages in my next bullet journal because again, I use my bullet journal as more of a journal than a planner.

And lastly, here is my quote – tell me this isn’t true!! Again, hate the washi tape element here. Washi tape frustrates me!

I finished my August spread today and will likely start my September spread tomorrow. I already have tons of theme ideas for upcoming spreads and can’t wait to start my 2021 bullet journal. I want to work ahead while I’m still enthusiastic because I know me and the novelty of this will wear off and I won’t want to do anything else with it for months. This way, I’ve worked far enough ahead that when the bug bits me again, I won’t be discouraged when I have to catch up.

I’m learning a bit more each time I put a spread together and I feel like the spreads are getting better, overall. Remember, I’m one of the least artsy people you’ll ever know so that fact that I’m doing this at all feels like an accomplishment to me.

I learn something each time I watch a bullet journal video so it’s hard to give you just a couple to watch here. Instead, here is a link to a ton of videos that will hopefully inspire you to do something fun with your own bullet journal.

Happy Journeling!