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Write What You Want to Read

I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t have any ideas of what to write. I am one of those writers that fall into the first category that Jenna mentions in her video.

I get ideas at the weirdest times, usually when I’m driving or reading. But what I need to do and haven’t been doing, is writing these ideas down somewhere.

Never mind that I’m constantly carrying a pocket computer with me at all times that clearly has the ability to input something into it and then gives me the ability to read it later. (I.E. my phone). I am going to start getting in the habit of writing these thoughts down and stop being so lazy and thinking, “Pfft, I’ll remember it later.” This coming from the woman who doesn’t remember what happened last week, hell, the last hour. (How sad is it that I haven’t been already been doing this? I clearly have a few light bulbs burned out in my attic).

Jenna mentions music is her muse. Actually, that’s a very good point. I DO get ideas whenever I listen to music as well. Good suggestion. (My ideas when I listen to music? Sexy, dirty dance scenes. But it’s something at least, I guess!)

“Write what you want to read” is the line that really spoke to me in Jenna’s video. She is SO right. I think that’s way better advice than “write what you know.”

What do I know? Nothing much. I’m an idiot. But write what I want to read? Now I have some thoughts on that one …

What I enjoy reading the most is a hybrid of character-driven and plot driven stories. I want to get to know the characters, a relationship rich in back-and-forth struggles while simultaneously running from rabid bulls intent on impaling them on their sharp horns.

Thanks once again, Jenna, for the wonderful advice.

(Warning: salty language)