How to Stay Focused On Your Writing

I have discovered something about myself:

I have to have it completely quiet whenever I write (the washing machine noise in the background though .. !)


I have to have several windows up at the same time whenever I write.

I think better when I’m not thinking. Does that make sense?

Here’s how I write – I’ll write about 1000 words and then I lose focus. The flow slows down, my characters aren’t speaking to me and my mind starts wandering.

“I wonder what new videos posted on YouTube.”

“Oh look, no one has text me. I’m a loser.”

“I have an idea for a blog post – let’s start a blog post right this second that I have no intention of completing.”

“What is the weather going to be like this week?”

“I wonder if Uniform Advantage has any sales on scrubs right now.”

“I should really get on that podcast idea I’ve had for the past six months and not done anything about.”

“Just one more Jenna video.”

But here’s the weird part -it works for me. At first, I used to get so irritated with myself, “Gads Karen, F.O.C.U.S on the story.” But now, I understand that is how my mind works. I can’t handle outside noise but I need internal noise to focus.

When I don’t think about something, or how to get past a certain point in the story, I think about something else and the answer just comes to me. I need to give my subconscious a moment to handle what my lame-ass consciousness can not, I guess.

So right now? I have five tabs open, along with my writing open, on my laptop. Then I can literally toggle through and give my subconscious a moment to process what I’m trying to do in my conscious mind.

I too have always wanted to be a writer and I’m passionate about it in my mind, but then I sit down to actually do something about it and the lazy part of my says, “Nope, maybe next time.” I’m a writer in my mind but to actually make it happen … is too hard, mom! *whining*

But remember when I quit Facebook, cold turkey, so I could focus on the two things I love doing? Reading and Writing? Well, I need to make that sacrifice worth something, don’t I?

Here’s Jenna’s advice on how to stay focused on your writing. And by the way, I should have warned you ahead of time, but Jenna uses salty language, so if that’s not your bag, sorry. I happen to think she’s pretty freaking awesome.