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I Dare You to Read This Post

And watch this video …


So. Did you watch the entire video? I did, but I felt restless. I kept thinking, “hurry up, this is boring.”

If you couldn’t sit through an entire three minutes, why not?

“Remember when you were a child? You could spend an entire hour watching an ant crawl across a rock.”

People have the attention spans of gnats nowadays. People have to be watching something, or doing something, at all times. Boredom has become a bad word. If you’re not busy, then you’re weird. If there is even a hint of being bored, people freak out or quickly find something, anything, to fill even a few seconds of boredom.


Granted, there is a lot out there – movies, TV shows, Internet, phones … we are a society of distractions, it’s hard to find the time to fit everything in because there is so much WE FEEL LIKE WE HAVE TO DO.

Notice I didn’t say THAT WE HAVE TO DO. Don’t tell me you don’t have time for something, you don’t want to make the time to do something. That’s fine, just tell me that. Don’t pretend that you’re some super busy person who doesn’t have time for something you WISH you could do. I call bullshit. You have time for what you want to make time for.

Just be honest about it.

I don’t tell people I don’t have time for something. I tell people I don’t want to make the time for [insert activity].

Shocking? Perhaps. But I don’t care. I’m being honest.

What’s wrong with being bored at times? What’s wrong with taking a moment, or two, or ten, out of your day and simply breathing fresh air? Why is it so hard for people to stand in line and NOT be on their phones? Do people even daydream anymore?

Why don’t people stop and appreciate the small things in life?

Why does the thought of simply closing your eyes, breathing deeply and shutting your brain off for a moment cause some people to hyperventilate.

We are in the age of instant gratification and any time people are asked, or forced, to wait on anything, people turn into crazy rude monsters.

I’m asking you to wait five minutes – PRETTY SURE YOU’RE GOING TO LIVE.

I realize that time is valuable, but so is pausing a moment to appreciate life.

So chill out, be bored sometimes. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn to be more patient.