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I’m Assuming a Fist Bump Is a Good Thing?

My doctor was overbooked today. Which meant we had about 30 patients today. Which meant I walked about three miles and sat and stood so much I looked like a (sweaty) Jack-in-the-box today.

It was all good though. I had gone into work last Friday afternoon (even though I had technically had the day off, I wanted to make sure we were ready for today’s clinic – I’m such a good little employee *snicker*) and I’m glad I did – the clinic seemed to go pretty smoothly today.

(I’d like to think it was because of me and my efforts, but who am I kidding).

At least, I think it went smoothly. We finished a little ahead of schedule and the PA gave me a fist bump, good job, sort of thing so I’m taking that as a good sign. (I think he likes me because I bust my butt to get him out of there. I get the feeling clinic is not his favorite part of his job – he’d rather be in the OR).

Nothing terrible weird happened today. Oh – we lost yet ANOTHER person. So now we’re two people down to being fully staffed and even though I’ve only been an MA for about two months now? I’m now considered a veteran.

How sad is that??

So. More fresh blood to mold and train. And I’ll be covering other doctors’ clinics until we’re back up to 100% capacity.

But I’m not complaining – more clinic time means less PIT time!

Anything but THE PIT. *shudder*