Book Corner

Free E-Books I Downloaded This Week

HURRY! THEY WON’T BE FREE FOR VERY MUCH LONGER! (click on the book to download)

Maternal Harbor
by Marie F Martin
4.2 stars on 108 reviews. Contemporary fiction.
Dead Man’s Hand
by Luke Murphy
4.5 stars on 55 reviews. Mystery. Thriller
Chihuahua Karma
by Debby Rice
4.5 stars on 44 reviews. Contemporary fiction. Humor
by Lenore Skomal
4.3 stars on 101 reviews. Literary Fiction/Suspense
WICK (Wick Series)
by Michael Bunker, Chris Awalt
4.6 stars on 105 reviews. Thriller
There are many, many, MANY more free books to choose from at this site. Happy Reading!