Oil Spill Has Reached Florida

This. Just. Breaks. My. Heart.

(And may I just say – please don’t allow your children to play in oily tar balls. That stuff has GOT to be toxic. Seriously. What is WRONG with people??)

Even though I’m not excusing BP’s part in this horrific incident (and they SHOULD pay and reimburse people for lost wages and to clean up this mess), I honestly don’t see how ANYONE can make excuses for a president that REFUSES to help get this mess cleaned up.

No. Obama didn’t cause this disaster. No. I don’t expect him to personally get down there and suck it up with a straw clean it up (though that might help his public image, which has been sorely damaged by all of this crap – on top of every other disaster generated by this president), but I DO expect him to use his executive authority to authorize every possible alternative and utilize every single offer that comes our way to help get this crap cleaned up. I DO expect him to put aside his political agenda, for one DAMN minute, and give his FULL attention to one of the worst man-made disasters this country has ever seen.

OH. MY. LORD – 2012 can NOT get here soon enough. And hell yes, I’m pissed. Obama, dude, STOP with the “hope and change” man, you’re CHOKING the life out of this country!

1 thought on “Oil Spill Has Reached Florida”

  1. Preach it, sista. Being a FL native, my heart is breaking over watching this stuff wash up on the shores. Still wondering if the Gulf Stream is gonna start dumping it on our East Coast shores soon.

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