My “Must Do” Summer List

1. Help Kevin graduate from a walker to a cane before September.
2. Get to know Springfield Bloggers
3. Proudly display our American Flag for all to see.
4. Could care less if I offend someone w/ my patriotism.
5. Watch, and worry, while boys set off firecrackers on the 4th.
6. Spray weed killer.
7. Install another air conditioning window unit in kitchen.
8. Even though I have no clue how to do so.
9. Sell our bariatric commode on Craigs list.
10. Promises that our bariatric commode is very clean and hardly used.
11. Sell our shower stool on Craigs list.
12. Promises that shower stool has hardly been used, in excellent shape.
13. Take boys swimming.
14. Whether they want to or not.
15. Because it’s not summer unless you go swimming, at least once.
16. Take Dude to get his Senior pictures taken.
17. Nothing too fancy, but better than something I could do.
18. Design area school websites.
19. With the intent of luring them into wanting to buy them from me.
20. Get a job.
21. Preferably something in technical writing.
22. But a bookstore would be cool, too.
23. Drive Kevin to band practice.
24. Drive Kevin to band gigs.
25. Go to New York w/ wheelchair bound husband.
26. Go on cruise to Canada w/ wheelchair bound husband.
27. Buy PhotoShop Elements Seven (cause it’s cheaper).
28. Learn PhotoShop Elements Seven
29. Beam with pride while watching Jazz’s marching band premiere.
30. Get kids ready for another school year.