Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Family Shot 1997


I ran across this family picture (taken back in 1997) when I was going through my books to sell in my Amazon book store.

Jazz (the little blond-haired boy) is holding a train in each hand. I remember he would NOT put those trains down so we shrugged it off and took the pictures anyway.

And I can’t believe how chunky Jazz looks in this picture. I think that’s probably the “biggest” he’s ever been in his life. He’s so skinny.

In fact, both boys are so skinny.

And what a heart throb Dude looks in his tie. He’s a heart breaker, that one.

I apologize for the quality. This is actually the proof that Sears printed out for us so it’s not the sharpest picture, but still, it brings back memories. 🙂