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Photo Flashback: Happy Gram


These are my boys.

Well, these were my boys when they were in about the fourth and second grade.

In other words, a different lifetime ago.

Dude is holding a Happy Gram. His teacher gave it to him – it’s worth one free assignment.

The first line of the happy gram cracks me up:

“Instead of candy that makes you fat, here’s a free coupon, what do you think of that?”

LOL! I think his teacher (who, if I remember correctly, was a huge health nut), was trying to rhyme “that” with “fat”, but Oy, let’s give the kids a complex, shall we?! 🙂

Anyway, this was a Valentine’s Day gift and I remember Dude LOVING this because it meant he wouldn’t have homework for at least ONE evening.

9 thoughts on “Photo Flashback: Happy Gram”

  1. Adorable picture. Obviously your son thought it was awesome. I have to agree with the teacher, praise is far better than candy!

  2. Looks like she might have been onto something…with your son’s smile and all….looked like a hit!

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